WVH Weekly Awards: Buddle’s Trick Better Than Emilio’s

WVH Weekly Awards: Buddle’s Trick Better Than Emilio’s

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 16, 2008
  • Edson Buddle, Kenny Cooper, Lucianio Emilio, Week 12, Weekly Awards

Anytime you have two players in one week net a hat trick you always have to sit back and figure out which was actually better. Both Luciano Emilio and Edson Buddle lifted their club to victory on Saturday evening, both with different sorts of hat tricks.

In a week where a few players shined more than others, it would take a solid performance like a hat trick to get the attention of the voters. Had there not been a hat trick out of either one you could easily place the award on a number of players like Matt Reis, Jon Busch, Rohan Ricketts, Alejandro Moreno, or Kenny Cooper.

But in the end it was either one hat trick or another. Emilio or Buddle. Take your pick because either one was fine indeed.

Buddle showed off his head, Emilio showed his dangerous feet.

To me I had to look at the goals scored. All six were solid efforts but to me I ended up enjoying Buddle’s headers a bit more than Emilio’s strikes. Two of the three goals from Buddle on Saturday in Oakland against the Quakes came from his noggin. The first header was a beautiful diving header, the second was just an all out effort to beat his man and create the separation needed to head home the goal.

So again to me, Buddle’s trick was better than Emilio’s. Some may see it different but they both really were something special.

The goal of the week is a different subject. Many solid goals. I believe the five in line for goal of the week are all worthy of selection.

But in the end I’m going with a strike from distance from DC United’s Clyde Simms.