Ellinger to join Hyndman’s FC Dallas Staff

Ellinger to join Hyndman’s FC Dallas Staff

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 13, 2008
  • Coaching Hires, John Ellinger, Schellas Hyndman

Yes, Ellinger, you remember that name right? John Ellinger. The former Real Salt Lake head coach. The head coach that was with RSL from the start before getting the boot to allow Jason Kreis to step off the field and into the manager’s seat. The one that had websites named after him, but not in a good way?

Yes, that John Ellinger.

Well, apparently according to Buzz Carrick and his sources over at 3rd Degree, Ellinger is expected to be an assistant under new head coach Schellas Hyndman. US Youth Soccer has just announced that Elligner is leaving his post as Technical Director of their soccer program.

According to Carrick and his sources, the reason why this delay in announcing Hyndman as the new head coach is due to Hyndman’s desire to bring an assistant on board with experience in MLS and someone who is familiar with the rules and salary cap. Apparently Hyndman insisted Ellinger be part of his staff and getting a contract worked out took a little longer than some had expected.

With the contract hurdle out of the way with Ellinger, FC Dallas can get back on track in announcing their new coach. Hyndman is expected back in town on Saturday and the press conference for his hire should now come Monday or Tuesday next week.

This move is an interesting one. Just like the move to hire Hyndman is interesting. I think as long as Ellinger isn’t making trades, fully handling the draft, scouting players abroad that this move will be fine. He has a strong ability to develop young talent and Dallas is loaded with that and is developing a very solid youth program. The thing I worry about is his history with RSL and if he learned anything from his mistakes there.

The move also makes me wonder if Ellinger is in line to be the next head coach within a year or so. I’ve told you my feelings with Hyndman were that once he was hired as technical director and head coach, he would probably coach the remainder of this season only to step down ala Mo Johnston and focus solely on the technical director position. Thus having to pass the head coaching position to his top assistant, who will be Ellinger.

Again, both guys worry me for this club but it could work out better than most imagine. But again, with Ellinger I hope for Dallas he isn’t running the show in terms of player movement. His track record speaks for itself and that is why RSL is still struggling to shed all of his mistakes. Its a laundry list that has hurt that club more than anything. From signing a few heavy contracts like Eddie Pope or Clint Mathis; to taking on Freddy Adu for half a year; to not protecting Jason Kreis for the Toronto expansion draft then to have to trade allocation to Toronto for Kreis; not to mention to drafting players way to high like Mehdi Ballouchy or Nik Besango.

I’m all for giving a guy a second chance and maybe his time away from the league has helped him learn a thing or two about it. His ability to develop young talent will be tested with Dallas, a club loaded with very young players.

So John Ellinger, I just wonder how long it will take a fan in Dallas to start another “firejohnellinger.com” kind of website. Or “firehyndman.com”. We will see.