Next Dallas Coach won’t be a TD

Next Dallas Coach won’t be a TD

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 13, 2008
  • Coaching Hires, Dave Sarachan, Oscar Pareja, Schellas Hyndman

We had reported and discussed how the next coach of FC Dallas would be both the head coach and the club’s technical director. It appears that won’t be the case…meaning say SMU coach Schellas Hyndman is indeed hired next week by FC Dallas, he won’t be the club’s technical director. That coming from Tobias Lopez earlier today who talked to Dallas General Manager Michael Hitchcock.

Hitchcock said the candidate will be hired only as a coach and not in a dual role as a coach and technical director. Several Major League Soccer clubs — including Columbus, which is also owned by the Hunt family — utilize a technical director to work with the GM on such things as scouting and player personnel decisions.

“We’ll hire a technical director at some point,” Hitchcock said. “I believe the coach and technical director need to be different. You need a different perspective, different set of eyes, different skill set or otherwise it would be no different that what we’ve done in the past.”

Hmm…not that I am doubting my sources or anyone else out there that is reporting on Hyndman being the next FC Dallas coach. I am just a bit surprised its not a duel hire.

Lopez did report that the other two finalists in the coaching search are indeed former player Oscar Pareja and former Chicago Fire coach Dave Sarachan.

Some fans around Dallas are still hoping for better news than Hyndman and while I doubt it will happen it could be possible that we see Sarachan or Pareja end up as the head coach after all.

To me it just makes more sense that if Dallas is going to hire Hyndman, hire him as both head coach and technical director. Then again the same would go for Sarachan or Pareja at this point too. This news is also interesting with the report earlier in the day about John Ellinger being linked to Hyndman’s staff. I just couldn’t see Ellinger being on Hyndman’s staff without the possibility of Ellinger becoming the head coach if Hyndman were to decide to step down from the head coaching spot and just be the technical director of the club.

Or maybe this is just Hitchcock blowing smoke up people’s butts again. Who really knows at this point where FC Dallas is heading. Fans are mixed but mostly are hoping for something they can cheer about. The GM seems to want something different than the owners. And the owner Colin Clark just seems to want his old ball coach to lead the way.

Sunday can’t come soon enough to get some of these answers out of the way.

Oh, the things in this world that will make you rack your brain around with.