Dallas GM Updates Coaching Search

Dallas GM Updates Coaching Search

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 12, 2008
  • Coaching Hires, Schellas Hyndman

A nice little letter was posted yesterday on FC Dallas’s team blog by General Manager Michael Hitchcock about the on-going coaching search for the club. Just as we talked about the other day, it sounds like the search is nearly over and we will find out more early next week.

Dear FC Dallas Fans:

I wanted to take this time to inform you on where we are with the search for the next head coach of FC Dallas.

Over the past few weeks we’ve diligently reviewed over 50 potential candidates that we felt may be able to lead our team on the field. The process was at times difficult and time consuming. Some of the candidates we wanted to interview were employed by other teams and organizations, and so we first needed to request permission from their current employers before even approaching them.

At the same time, we also received a number of inquiries from others that were interested in interviewing for the position. Out of respect for those we interviewed and those we did not, we won’t mention names. However, we can tell you that both our league and team has attracted the interest and attention of many well-qualified candidates.

Once we narrowed our list of candidates, we invited a select few to interview. After talking to the finalists, we met to discuss who we felt was the right person to lead our team at this time.

We’ve now reached the final stages of the process, and expect to be able to make a formal announcement to present the new FC Dallas head coach early next week.

I also want to take this time to thank Marco Ferruzzi, Drew Keeshan, and the players, who have shown great commitment and professionalism throughout this process.

Once again, thanks for your support of FC Dallas.

Michael Hitchcock
General Manager
FC Dallas / Pizza Hut Park

A couple things from this, is obvious, it sounds to me Hitchcock isn’t getting a coach he wants. There isn’t a direct line that suggests that but you can tell. Its a general letter, no real excitement other than the fact that it is nearly over. I think had he been the one doing the coaching search more so than the owners, he would be presenting a much more excited tone about the process being nearly complete.

It is nice the he did this though, but I still have the feeling his days are more than numbered in Dallas.

We all pretty much know its going to be Schellas Hyndman. Now its mostly a matter of days before its all official here. Hopefully I will be able to coverage of any press conference that could take place early next week. Stay tuned!