Monday Kicker: MLS Stock, Five Up and Five Down

Monday Kicker: MLS Stock, Five Up and Five Down

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 9, 2008
  • Alejandro Moreno, Brian Ching, Jason Kreis, Luciano Emilio, Mehdi Ballouchy, Player Stock, Preki, Ryan Johnson, Sean Franklin

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday here. If you’ve been watching some Euro 2008, I’m sure you have been enjoying the day. Very entertaining game between Holland and Italy. Kind of odd to see Italy get beat 3-0 like that, but kudos to the Dutch for their play.

Anyways, I thought today would be a good day to bring on a new feature here on Its all about player, coaches, fans, and team stock. Who’s up and who’s down in the world of Major League Soccer. It may involve some players you know little about and it may involve some club stars that we all love and hate.

Let’s get down to it, five up and five down:


  1. Sean Franklin, LA Galaxy: The more I see this kid in the middle of the backline for LA, the more I like him. Especially since he has to clean up some garbage that veterans Greg Vanney and Abel Xavier leave behind. Easily the front-runner right now for Rookie of the Year in my mind.
  2. Ryan Johnson, San Jose Earthquakes: The more the offense goes to this kid, the better they get actually. Weird that this kid was in the MISL before making the jump back to MLS this year.
  3. Luciano Emilio, DC United: His stock was almost one you wish you had sold a few months ago but now its back on the rise and his play has started to turn around the DC season here. I think he has to continue this strong play before the transfer window so DC doesn’t unload him and his contract for something better.
  4. Brian Ching, Houston Dynamo: Sort of on the same lines as Emilio but it still apparent Ching (and Dwayne De Rosario) need one more striker to help carry the load. But until then Ching is rising to the chances that are given to him and unlike earlier in the season he is finally hitting them home.
  5. Preki, Chivas USA: Yes this list will extend to coaches (and maybe fans too). Preki has done an outstanding job in recent weeks with his club. Sure they had some bad luck in New York last week but overall the last month has been very impressive out of the Red-and-White considering the amount of injuries.


  1. Mehdi Ballouchy, Colorado Rapids: I think no one has fallen off quite like Ballouchy in recent months. From RSL leading attack man, to being involved in the most lopsided deal in MLS history, to bench warmer. The second overall pick of the 2006 draft has played all of 12 minutes this season.
  2. MLS Officials: I think after this past week its more clear that it needs mentioned. MLS officials are dictating too much play in this league right now. Too many non-calls and too many overreaction calls. More red cards this season have been petty fouls that were clearly not red cards.
  3. Jason Kreis, Real Salt Lake: I honestly have no clue what is going on in RSL-land. Clearly his side should have won the game at home against KC this weekend. With the way the play on the road his club cannot afford to drop points at home these days. Hot seat time? Sure but knowing this club nothing will come of it until the end of the season unless they continue to lose.
  4. Alejandro Moreno, Columbus Crew: A month ago this guy couldn’t miss, now that’s all he does is miss. Fact is he needs some serious help up front as he is not a leading striker. If he was say the number two striker on this club and someone else was taking care of business (like a DP) he would probably be easily netting 10 to 12 goals a year here. One could also say his coach’s (Sigi Schmid) stock has fallen as well here.
  5. Tomasz Frankowski, Chicago Fire: Early in the season he looked to be the cure to Chicago’s offensive blues. Now he rides the pine and fans say he is rather worthless. Harsh.

See a stock rising or falling? Feel free to pipe in your own.