Quick US Roster Updates

Quick US Roster Updates

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 8, 2008
  • Argentina, Carlos Bocanegra, Dominic Cervi, Drew Moor, International Friendlies, Josh Wolff, Kenny Cooper, World Cup qualifying

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. I’m sitting here during the halftime of Germany and Poland. I noticed an inbox alert from the US national team media services about tonight’s match. A couple late scratches and updates.

Goalkeeper Dominic Cervi, forward Kenny Cooper and defender Drew Moor. Cooper and Moor were called in late Friday just in case any of the original 19 players would not be available because of lingering injuries. Cervi is the wasteful third keeper, I guess they scratch him late just in case Howard or Guzan can’t go, thus finally explaining the three-keeper call-up that I’ve been wondering about.

Carlos Bocanegra and Josh Wolff are not on the roster because of family commitments. Both will be available for next weekend’s World Cup qualifying opener against Barbados at Home Depot Center out in Carson, CA. Bocanegra is certain to be named to the roster, Wolff probably shouldn’t be so lucky from what we saw in the two European friendlies out of him.

The status of the roster for that match could be announced at anytime in the upcoming week. Hopefully that will come earlier in the week so we can discuss it more. Though I fully expect it to be a roster similar to what we’ve seen lately in the three friendlies.

Back to the Euro games and then on to the MLS/US National team games tonight. Lovely weekend of soccer.