Dallas – NE Commentary

Dallas – NE Commentary

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 6, 2008
  • Live Commentary

I nearly forgot about the start time of the game tonight. But even with the early start time it looks like Dallas forgot to show up.

Feel free to pipe in your thoughts if you are watching as well.

Game recap coming later tonight….

FULLTIME – New England 2 – 1 Dallas: Nice win for the Revs but they should have locked this game down much sooner. Dallas had a lot of possession late in the game which caused the goal and really Dallas looked good late. New England sort of allowed Dallas back into this game.

(90 min.) – Dallas has really dominated as of late…another corner. Lucky non-call on a handball on Chris Albright. No one on Dallas saw it though.

(90 min.) – Cristman with a chance but the shot wasn’t nearly hard enough to beat Burse.

(90 min.) – Another corner for Dallas…could a come back happen? Nope. Just don’t see it right now. Either way if I were Nicol I would not be impressed with my club’s performance in the second half.

(90 min.) – GOOOOAAAALLLL FC DALLAS – Alvarez was WIDE OPEN on the back post and he hammers it home for the Hoops first goal. Too much late possession by Dallas allowed this goal.

(87 min.) – Toja denied by Reis. Yeah, definitely man of the match here tonight for me.

(86 min.) – A lot of wasted possession by the Revs in the last 10 or 15 here. Just as I praised them for the possession they start to give up a lot of it.

(85 min.) – Reis with another block on Cooper. I think that’s his 10th save tonight. Good ball from Rocha and a great effort by Cooper on the play though.

*Dallas has to figure out how to score on a set piece here. So far tonight they’ve been largely terrible on them. Five corners and a bunch of free kicks in good spots tonight but all mostly blocked by Reis or cleared away.

(82 min.) – Alvarez has a chance that’s high, wide, and not at all handsome.

*A lot of possession in the last six or seven minutes for Dallas. New England is living a bit dangerously here.

(80 min.) – Igwe for Ralston. Smart sub again by Nicol.

(79 min.) – Another BIG SAVE by Reis on the corner. Damn. Just a beautiful reflex save.

(79 min.) – Reis with another big time save on Cooper. I think he is giving us reason to say he is the player of the month so far in June.

(78 min.) – Another run by Nyassi…he just fails to commit to a shot.

(77 min.) – Abe Thompson coming on for Saragosa. Honestly I think Toja should have came out but then again Saragosa didn’t have much of a game either.

(76 min.) – Cooper offside. There’s something you see about twice a game out of him this year…

*This kind of game shows me more and more that the longer this coaching search for Dallas goes the worse it will get for this club. Not to mention their upcoming schedule is brutal here. Three of four on the road including tonight. The one home game is against Chicago next week, not exactly the easiest of games.

(74 min.) – Speaking of possession Dallas gets on the ball and nearly score with shots from Cooper and Alvarez. Some great chances by Dallas. Toja has a chance to get on the end of it but fails to deliver on the kick…some fan in row 45 gets the ball. What’s going on with Toja?

*I like the possession management right now by New England. Few turnovers here for the most part except for a couple goal kicks and what not.

(71 min.) – Arturo Alvarez on for Bobby Rhine…I like that sub by Ferruzzi. Hopefully Double-A can get into this game here.

(70 min.) – Brazil fans starting to get into it here…nice to see a good crowd in New England, even if it is a doubleheader crowd.

(69 min.) – Nyassi shows his pace…wow this kid is lightning fast.

(68 min.) – Another free kick for Dallas, and another Dallas player running into Reis. Nothing comes of it though other than the fact that Dallas wastes another chance.

(64 min.) – Blake Wagner on for Serioux now for Dallas….uh, an offensive sub by Ferruzzi? Yeah I’m not sure about that one but okay.

(64 min.) – Kheli Dube is slowly working himself into the game here.

(62 min.) – A decent shot by Bobby Rhine is saved nicely by Reis, but Rhine goes for the follow up and it makes a little tangle between Reis, Jay Heaps and Rhine. But thankfully nothing happens as Rhine is a sport about it and walks away before anything happens…that’s sportsmanship there folks.

(60 min.) – Khano Smith on for Castro…not a bad sub by Nicol.

(58 min.) – Another decent chance for Dallas with Oduro getting a chance on net with the header. The sideline reporter talks about Marcelo Saragosa’s Brazilian connection here…apparently he and Kaka are good buddies.

(57 min.) – Revs look to be making some subs….probably Nyassi coming out here.

(55 min.) – Some real solid chances by Dallas here in the last minute or two. Cooper with a chance, Rocha with a chance…Oduro with a cross that ended up as a corner. Dallas is starting to put on the pressure.

(53 min.) – Yeah I’m back…don’t worry we didn’t miss anything other than a couple yellow cards and possibly an injury to Nyassi.

HALFTIME: New England 2 – 0 Dallas – Yeah, New England is looking like New England. Dallas is looking like Dallas right now, little hustle and basically getting over matched on every side of the ball here. New England probably needs more possession in this one though in the next half and it should come since Dallas hasn’t really had things go their way.

*Late arriving crowd for the Brazil friendly tonight. My guess there are around 14,000 or so there right now for the Revs/Dallas game but the friendly is expect to get close to 60,000 from what I last heard.

(45 min.) – Sainey Nyassi looks really dangerous tonight for New England.

(45 min.) – Juan Toja still looks uninterested here. What’s happened to this kid this season?

(43 min.) – Great block by Matt Reis on the free kick. Looks like Reis has been sold tonight.

(42 min.) – Dominic Oduro trying to get something going for Dallas, leaves a nice free kick for Andra Rocha.

(40 min.) – Dallas is slowly getting some possession here. But being down 2-0 they have to get the possession.

*You know I love the commentary for Revs games but they seriously may be the most biased broadcast group in MLS right now. Again, its nothing against Greg Lalas and what’s his face…the name will come to me later. But time and time again they never sound like they are interested in the other team in a positive manner. I know that’s what a home broadcast group does but you gotta sound less biased if your game is reached to millions online these days like on MLStv..

(35 min.) – New England looks real good, hence the 2-0 lead. I had some internet problems so I missed another 15 minutes. But it looks like I missed very little…

I came into the game a few minutes in, just after the Adam Cristman goal. Steve Ralston put in a PK goal not too long after thanks to a tackle from Drew Moor.

  • Josh Rollins

    I gave Greg Lalas the finger at CCS a few weeks ago. I also had one too many beers.

  • Josh Rollins

    I gave Greg Lalas the finger at CCS a few weeks ago. I also had one too many beers.