Wednesday Kicker: Several MLS returns on the way?

Wednesday Kicker: Several MLS returns on the way?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 4, 2008
  • Brian McBride, Joesph Ngwenya, Josh Wolff, Nate Jaqua, Pat Noonan, Summer Transfers

What’s already been a busy afternoon delayed this discussion to go out. As some of you may have noticed in recent weeks across the soccerblog-net or on the message boards like BigSoccer, a few former MLS players are possibly set on making a return to the States.

The reasons are mixed on a couple guys, either personal, lack of playing time, being waived by a club, or things didn’t work out like they had hoped in Europe. But it is interesting to see a notion that some guys are keen on returning to the league that they got their start in.

We all know about Brian McBride so there won’t be a need to go into that talk right now.

But other names are floating out there like Pat Noonan, Josh Wolff, Nate Jaqua and Joesph Ngwenya. Plus there is always speculation surrounding a few older guys like Eddie Lewis or Kasey Keller coming back to the States to finish out their days.

So it got me thinking, even if some of the talk is just talk what if these guys do indeed come back? Now some may still have some player rights with their former clubs and others may not. I would pretty much assume that all but maybe Wolff still have rights with former clubs though it wouldn’t shock me to see Kansas City owning Wolff’s rights when it is all said and done here.

The questions are mainly 1) Would these guys be willing to return at a cheaper rate (presumably) so they can get actual playing time? 2) Would these guys like Noonan, Nqwenya give up on a Euro dream to return? and 3) How exactly will MLS handle such a flux in returns this summer if this does indeed happen?

Look, I am all for these guys (though I expect Keller and Lewis to remain in Europe for another year) to return to MLS and get the proper playing time that they need. It looks kind of silly for Bob Bradley to be using guys like Wolff and Jaqua when they weren’t getting any playing time with their clubs and that they are both currently out of contract. The second part is another topic for another day though I think.

If the former clubs own the rights would they trade them or would they make room? I honestly could see New England trade Noonan’s rights away if he does come back. I couldn’t see Houston trading Ngwenya or Jaqua’s though. If KC has Wolff’s rights you better believe they won’t even think about trading him unless they can get a better deal out of it from another club in terms of players, which won’t happen.

All players would make their former teams or any other team better if they return.  I wouldn’t be too shocked to see some of them come back for the remaining part of the season and then try their hand at getting another gig across the sea in the winter. That doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal to me if I were a club like KC or Houston.

What do you all make of these possible returns?