WVH Weekly Awards: Cunningham Returns

WVH Weekly Awards: Cunningham Returns

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 2, 2008
  • Jeff Cunningham, Jorge Flores, Kenny Cooper

I will be honest, after reviewing some tapes and games from this weekend I had some trouble deciding who exactly had the best week or the one that stood out the most to me.

Guys like Christian Gomez, Dwayne De Rosario, Brian Ching, Dominic Oduro, and Robbie Findley all had nice weeks but none really stood out as much to me as Jorge Flores and Jeff Cunningham. It really came down to both of those guys for me because Flores has been such a sensation as of late. He scores and Chivas wins, the three game winning streak is living proof of that and his goal this past week was nice.

But Jeff Cunningham stood out a little more to me this past weekend. Maybe it was because we finally got to see him for a full 90 while Toronto was missing a couple key parts. Cunningham took full advantage as he scored a goal to put the game out of reach against LA on Saturday afternoon at BMO Field. The give and go with Jarred Smith was something we haven’t seen out of Cunningham in a year or two.

Honestly, that play and a few others on Saturday were good enough for me. It may not be for others as I am sure someone else will get the nod like Gomez or De Rosario but to me Cunningham has a better week as a whole.

Week 10 went to one of the old guys, Jeff Cunningham.

As for goal of the week, there was Flores’ cracker of a goal and Kenny Coopers sweet bend of a shot. The rest of the goals were alright but nothing too stellar. Findley had a decent near post strike against San Jose but it didn’t get me as excited as the Flores’ and Cooper’s goals.

Picking between the two were hard but I’m going with the young guy over Cooper here. I loved Coopers goal because it was clinical as always out of him but the volley from Flores was something special to watch.