MLS Expansion: Miami Deadline Passed

MLS Expansion: Miami Deadline Passed

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 2, 2008
  • Miami Expansion, MLS Expansion

For all of you Miami supporters out there that want a MLS club to return to your city, your hopes may be going away here real quickly.

The Miami Herald briefly mentioned today that the June 1st deadline came and went without any hopes of a MLS expansion bid for the city.

Miami officials, who set a June 1 deadline to identify an owner for a Major League Soccer expansion team, haven’t heard from MLS, and city manager Pete Hernandez said he is moving on with other ideas for land next to the proposed Marlins ballpark.

With the league pretty much keeping quiet about any expansion bids for the next couple of months, its a wonder why a city like Miami would push for a deadline like this when they know they won’t hear back from the league on a bid.

They wanted to find an owner group first, which made sense but setting a deadline for such a thing proved to be tougher than expected.

It stinks that a good deal was in place for a stadium but to be honest this is showing me and others that the league probably wants to wait it out a little longer here before they return to the South.

I know some Miami readers out there won’t be happy with this news but I am sure they are pressing on for an expansion bid. If they really do have the support for a club they need to do a little better job in voicing their opinions and thoughts about the matter. It worked for supporters in Seattle and Philadelphia. Right now its not working in Miami as those supporters should have been able to push harder for an owner to step up.

Then again there may be more to this puzzle than we really know at this point. What do you all make of this news? I’m sure some cities out there are happy to hear it as it will easily help push their expansion bids more with one less city apparently out of the way.

  • Pieter

    We are trying to push down here. What do you suggest we do to make more noise?

  • We are trying to push down here. What do you suggest we do to make more noise?