WVH Monthly Awards: Blanco’s Month

WVH Monthly Awards: Blanco’s Month

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 30, 2008
  • Blanco, Dominic Oduro, Matt Reis

Via SIAnother month down here in Major League Soccer, but yes I know there is still one day left on the calendar with games on it. But for the most part this list is basically going to be fine no matter what happens tomorrow. Even if someone drops six goals in a game tomorrow, it really won’t do a lot for me to change this list, though they might get bumped into the Best XI if they aren’t already there.

In other words, May is pretty much over and its time to look back at what was good about it now that we are nearly a third of the way through.

WVH Player of the Month: Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Chicago Fire – With two goals and five assists on the month, its hard not to look over Blanco for the month’s award. He gobbled up the player of the week award last week and has been really consistent all month. Despite the one loss at home to Houston, the Fire have been on a roll as of late, winning three out of four in the month of May. Blanco has been a key element in that play that has put the Fire near the top of the MLS table.

Others in consideration: Dominic Odoro, FC Dallas; David Beckham, LA Galaxy; and Danny Dichio, Toronto FC.

WVH Goalkeeper of the Month: Matt Reis, New England Revolution – The Revs played solid in May and largely due to the goalkeeping of Matt Reis. I pretty much had made my mind up between Reis and Chicago keeper Jon Busch for this before last night’s game against DC. While Reis doesn’t have the stellar numbers in the goals-against category as Busch (thank the Fire defense for that) but Reis is up near the top in most goalkeeping categories.

Others in consideration: Jon Busch, Chicago Fire.

WVH Defender of the Month: Gonzalo Segares, Chicago – When your club has six goals on the year and you are getting some national team recognition from your home country because of it, its time to get honored. Segares has been one of the key members of the Fire defense this season and his play has been stellar as the Fire have given up only six goals, six goals…yeah in the first third of the season the first have given up six goals. Not bad at all.

WVH Youngerst of the Month: Dominic Oduro, FC Dallas – A little homer pick on my part but the Birdman has really come through for the Hoops as of late with three goals off the bench. He finally made his way into the starting lineup against Houston this past Wednesday and probably will be on Sunday against Colorado. The late game-winner against RSL was really enough for me to put him here in this position.

WVH Coach of the Month: Preki, Chivas USA – I give it to Preki over a couple other coaches because his club has found a way to work through the injuries and post a decent month (2-1-1, with one game left tomorrow). Its Preki’s way of figuring out who to play in place of injured stars on defense. Anytime you post an above .500 month when your club has upwards of nine guys out to injury you are doing something right as a coach.

WVH Goal of the Month: David Beckham’s 70 yard striker against KC. – Look even though I thought it wasn’t the goal of the week I have to give credit where it is due because this is what Beckham was brought in for, to make amazing goals like this happen. Sure, if someone else in the league had done this I would be putting them here too but this is the kind of stuff we expected out of Becks and its is what we are getting.

WVHs Best XI for May:

Matt Reis, New England – see above

Gonzalo Segares (Chicago) – see above
Sean Franklin (LA) – one of the biggest reasons why LA is doing so well right now
Gonzalo Martinez (DC) – After further review, he and Gallardo were this club’s best pickups in the offseason.

David Beckham (LA) – Still getting what we paid for out of Becks.
Blanco (Chicago) – see above
Kheli Dube (NE) – three goals this month, all at key points in the game for the Revs.
Andre Rocha (Dallas) – second in the league in assist, and no one knows about it.

Kenny Cooper (Dallas) – second in the league in goals, biggest reason why Dallas is second in the west.
Danny Dichio (Toronto) – Torched DC in two games for three goals.
Chad Barrett (Chicago) – Believe it or not Barrett is having a good season this year.