Guzan Still Wants To Play For Villa

Guzan Still Wants To Play For Villa

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 30, 2008
  • Aston Villa, Brad Guzan, Dan Kennedy, Summer Transfers

via AOL SportsWhile Brad Guzan will be heading to Spain to play with the US National team in next week’s friendly. But first he will head back to the States and play in tomorrow’s game against Columbus.

Should Guzan leave next week, Chivas will be without him for a Thursday night game in New York. Interesting point though because this will give us the first chance to see exactly what Chivas has in reserve behind Guzan. Dan Kennedy is the current back-up in place and will more than likely get the nod and could soon become the full time starter for the Red-and-White.

Last night on MLS Primetime Thursday, it was stated that Guzan still wants to go to Aston Villa and play in the EPL. We all remember his work permit problems in January and one has to wonder if that would have improved by now. The summer transfer window opens up in the coming months and you have to believe Guzan will be making the push to abroad once again.

“Hopefully there will be more interest from Aston Villa in the summer. Right now I couldn’t tell you the specifics because my focus is with the national team.

“My agent has been handling all the discussions and nothing can really happen until the window opens anyway. I am letting him deal with that and, if something comes about, then great.

“I would love to sign for Villa. When I was there a few months back, it was an absolutely brilliant time – great people, great facilities and I couldn’t say one bad thing about the place.

“When the window opens, we will see what happens. Hopefully there is some interest and we will go from there. It looks like exciting times at Villa.” – Brad Guzan

Think Chivas is ready for a Guzan departure here? I’m sure they could easily use the transfer fee cash from him this summer if he does end up leaving.