Wednesday Preview: Texan Battle In Frisco

Wednesday Preview: Texan Battle In Frisco

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 28, 2008

Another early start to the week here in Major League Soccer. Week 10 is getting a head start like last week did with another Wednesday night game. This week from Frisco, Texas, as FC Dallas entertains in-state rival Houston Dynamo.

While I would normally be going to this game, work related reasons are keeping me in front of a computer instead of at the game. I will try to provide a commentary of the game as I will watch it online as a consolation for not being able to attend.

So part two of the battle for “El Capítan” here. The first episode in the 2008 battle was an interesting one to say the least. Six goals, including one late by Houston rookie Geoff Cameron to give the Dynamo the late draw.

Both clubs enter the game with a couple missing parts. Dallas won’t have midfielder Bobby Rhine who was red carded in last week’s game against RSL. Houston will be missing Ricardo Clark to national team duty. But as for injuries, both clubs are looking fairly healthy for tonight’s game.

Houston has pretty much dominated their in-state rivals over the last couple of years. Even when Dallas looks to get an advantage, the Dynamo find a way to at least draw if not win. This season has been a bit up and down for the Dynamo as they went winless in the first six before winning two straight. But last week saw them stumble once more in a return to San Jose. Some may think that a game against Dallas is exactly what this club needs to move forward.

Dallas as we all know by now are still going through a coaching change. While Marco Ferruzzi has done a good enough job thus far in an interim basis, one has to bet that he won’t be the coach there much longer. As good as the win was for the Hoops on Saturday against Real Salt Lake in comeback fashion, a win against their rivals from the south would be even bigger at this point for the club’s moral.

To me this game seems pretty level. Dallas had to control the ball and the space between the lines of Houston’s defense. If they are able to find guys like Dominic Oduro in space, then they should be fine. But the same goes for Houston as they need to put the pressure on the Dallas backline in order to win here. Guys like Brain Ching and Dwayne De Rosario have to get on the ball early and take plenty of shots to beat Dallas.

As much as the first edition of this year’s series had goals, this one I think will not have as many but will end in similar fashion. As much as I want to see Dallas beat Houston, I know Houston still has their number until I am convinced otherwise.

Here’s to hoping attendance for this one won’t be below Saturday’s 8,960 mark. Sadly enough I have a bad feeling it won’t be too far above it though. But we will see, it is Dollar-Night at the park so that could help out some.

WVH Prediction: FC Dallas 1, Houston 1