More On McBride

More On McBride

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 28, 2008
  • Allocation List, Brian McBride

Ah, just before kickoff of the FC Dallas-Houston Dynamo game, I thought I would throw in some more information that I’ve gotten in the past hour or so on Brian McBride’s possible return to Major League Soccer.

I’ve been in conversations with a couple of sources about this and have been hearing some other things as well.

Here’s pretty much what I know at the moment:

  • MLS’s negotiations with McBride have just begun and a deal must be formalized before his club can be officially determined. That is expected to happen sooner rather than later here since there will be no transfer fee.
  • His price tag will more than likely be that of a designated player. This is due to him playing in the EPL for four years at a pretty high level. Though he will more than likely receive a Schelotto-type salary, one that is lower on the books but higher in overall compensation due to incentives and allocation money used to pay for the salary in order to keep as much of it off the salary cap as possible.
  • Toronto is first in the allocation order, which is used to determine which club has rights to a player like McBride. The Reds have the option of keeping McBride, trading his rights, or passing altogether.
  • Chicago and Columbus are the two highly interested sites at the moment, though I am sure other clubs are interested as well if they have the money to pay McBride. DC and New York come to mind but I highly, highly doubt that will happen.
  • Hypothetically, Toronto could pass on McBride and retain its top spot for a future signing. Many, including myself, believe the Reds are looking for a forward this summer but wonder if McBride is too old for them here. Should they pass, Real Salt Lake is next in line for the taking.

One source told me earlier that “he will be in Chicago no matter what Toronto decides to do.” Take that for what it is worth but Chicago will have to make a pretty big trade with Toronto to move up from 11th to the top spot. Let me tell you that will take some serious dealing.

You can pretty much bet your life, your child’s life, and everything else that you own on McBride never playing for Toronto here. Its nothing against Toronto but he won’t come back to MLS unless its to one of two places (Columbus or Chicago). Now I could see him go else where but if you go down the allocation list you can pretty much rule out a number of clubs due to money, lack of interest from McBride, and over all status in the league.

Should Toronto claim his rights, you can bet it will be a highest bidder contest to get him. Toronto will expect loads of cash, allocation, draft picks and a player or two. Rightful so since McBride carries a lot of value.

Chicago has admitted to be interested in signing him. I’m sure Columbus has by now too. A couple possible trades could look like this:

  • Chicago gets McBride and trades cash/allocation, two future first round draft picks, Chad Barrett and another player to Toronto. – I throw Barrett in there for no particular reason but I think he would be a fair valued player to trade since he is still relatively young and could start for Toronto today.
  • Columbus gets McBride and trades cash/allocation, two future first round draft picks, and a player or two to Toronto. – Yeah I’m honestly not as creative with Columbus as Chicago.

The thing the Crew have to go on here is the fact that their allocation number is much better than Chicago’s to deal with for Toronto. Its just a thought here.

But I honestly believe Toronto will “pass” on McBride, “pass” meaning the league will tell them to pass whether they want to or not. RSL, Colorado, and LA will follow as well. Which then leads to Columbus. Should McBride not want to go to Columbus I have a feeling a deal between Columbus and Chicago will be worked out from here. One of those clubs between Columbus and Toronto on the allocation list could claim McBride but more than likely that won’t happen or the league won’t let those clubs do it.

Its going to be interesting but more than likely he will be in a Chicago uniform some how or some way here before long. Once I get more information on it I will let you know but this is just how I see things shaping up here.