WVH Week 9 Awards: McManus’s Rocket Beats Beckham’s Bomb

WVH Week 9 Awards: McManus’s Rocket Beats Beckham’s Bomb

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 27, 2008
  • Dominic Oduro

AP PhotoFirst off, sorry for the delay on this. I had some power issues this morning to deal with at the house so this post didn’t get done at the time I had hoped for. But with all of that out of the way let’s get down to business here with the weekly awards.

I know the league has already voted for Blanco as the player of the week with his goal and three assist performance on Sunday against the Red Bulls. While I think that was a sold week, I am going in a different direction. Blanco, Chad Barrett, David Beckham, Jorge Flores, and Danny Dichio all had nice weeks.

In fact this week came down to Dichio and one other guy for me, Dominic Oduro of FC Dallas. I know this may come across as a homer pick since I live and write out of the Big D these days but after the week FC Dallas went through, a performance like Oduro’s can easily lift a club through anything. Which is why Oduro’s two goal effort in the final ten minutes of the game is good enough to beat out Blanco and Dichio here.

So again, week number nine goes of the way to the Birdman, Dominic Oduro.

Goal of the week was pretty hard to find as well this week. You had David Beckham’s long range blast, Tom McManus’s rocket of a shot, Danny Dichio’s three goals to pick from, Dominic Oduro’s two late goals to pick from, and a nice cool goal from Kansas City’s Claudio Lopez.

While I thought Lopez and Beckham had nice goals and Odoro’s caught my eye for different reasons. The goal of the week has to be Tom McManus’s rocket of a shot against Chivas USA. Its up there for me in terms of goal of the year so far with a couple of Sasha Kljestan goals.

And the replay…