Oh Yeah, There’s US Open Cup Games Too

Oh Yeah, There’s US Open Cup Games Too

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 27, 2008
  • Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

How freakin’ silly of me. For some reason I thought these two games were tomorrow night. Instead they are tonight. Yes, two other games going on tonight in the early stages of the 2008 US Open Cup.

The LA Galaxy host the Colorado Rapids, while Real Salt Lake visits the Columbus Crew.

The Columbus game is already under way (Crew 1-0 RSL 25 minutes in). So I won’t go into any sort of preview on it since I am late, though I was going with the Crew in a 3-1 win.

LA on the other hand faces a challenge against Colorado. They will be without a duo of players who have provided the club more highlights this season than in the past few combined. Those players of course are David Beckham and Landon Donovan who are in England preparing for tomorrow’s US-England friendly.

I’m very curious to see how the Galaxy handle play without both Donovan and Beckham. Colorado is a club that is very up and down here so they need a good showing on the road here not only to advance but to get people off their back a bit about their recent play.

Carlos Ruiz should be back in this one for LA, so the Gals won’t be without all DPs but the big two are going to be tough to miss tonight.

I think LA can win this one, both clubs will be putting a mix of veterans and rookies out on the field. Most clubs fail at giving this competition their all, so I’m curious to see which one of these two are actually giving this competition a serious look this season. It should be a close one but I still like the Galaxy in the end tonight.

WVH Prediction: LA 2, Colorado 1