Crew Release Statement On Fan Situation

Crew Release Statement On Fan Situation

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 27, 2008

The league said they would address the matter and now the club is stepping in to handle things. Like I said earlier today about this matter; the league, club, and fans would take care of this matter. Not a website or people blasting one another on a message board.

Its a solid statement put out by the Crew. A little more dirt than the statement issued by the league this afternoon.

“We appreciate the energy and support we receive from our fans and understand that emotions run high during games, but there is no excuse for the reprehensible behavior exhibited by the fan heard in the video clip that has surfaced. That kind of behavior has no place in our stadium, or in our society, and we strongly condemn it. Safety and fan experience have always been top priorities of both our organization and Major League Soccer, and we will continue to evaluate and enforce safety and sportsmanship policies at Crew Stadium.”

I talked earlier how the behavior is unacceptable and should be handled by all parties. There’s no need to dock the team points, or ban the fans from the stadium for a game or anything unreasonable like that. Why people are saying stuff like that is beyond me because I think that is nonsense. A couple of idiots screwed up and the right parties are taking care of it.

You better believe there will be more security in large supporter group sections in all MLS stadiums here soon and to be honest, that isn’t a bad idea.

So let’s turn down the hype on this story and move on folks. I know I will after I hit save on this post.