Live Commentary: FCD v. RSL

Live Commentary: FCD v. RSL

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 24, 2008
  • Live Commentary

Hello from hot and sunny Frisco, Texas. Tonight I will be doing live commentary during the Real Salt Lake/FC Dallas match from Pizza Hut Park.

A few questions going into the night for both clubs. Can Dallas rebound from the horrible loss to LA last weekend? And can they get the energy to get over the emotions of the Steve Morrow firing? As for the visitors, can they score their first win of the season on the road? And can they muster up some offense at Pizza Hut Park (four goals in five meetings at the Hut)?

As always, feel free to pipe in your own comments during the game!

FULLTIME: FC Dallas 2 – 1 RSL. Great night for Oduro, and a nice win for Dallas at home after going down 1-0. That should keep some fans happy after this past week! More on this game coming up in a bit…time for some interviews!

90+: RSL finally woke up here but it may be too little too late here. Oduro nets another late game winner against RSL. What is it about these two clubs that we see late game winners. I think that’s the third late minute goal in the last five games between these two. Wow.

90+: GOAL FC DALLAS!!! Dominic Oduro with a run on and the game’s winner! Wow, that was quick. He gets a card for the celebration but who cares, he’s had a hell of a night here. Great ball from Andrea Rocha to set up the goal. This kid has to start in the next one.

90th Minute: Cooper with another chance! Gosh, the guy can’t catch a break here can he.

89th Minute: Bad news for Dallas front office, box office tonight was sub-10k. 8,960. I thought it was low but you gotta be kidding me.

88th Minute: Dallas is getting chances in but not enough bodies are committed forward in the process. Runs keep falling apart, this one looks more like it did in the first half now…a draw.

84th Minute: Dallas is still pressing here. RSL is sitting back and settling for the draw already. Cooper getting some decent looks on goal. Nice to hear the crowd finally in this one.

83rd Minute: GOAL FC DALLAS! Dominic Oduro redirects a Drew Moor shot. RSL 1 – 1 FCD. Two goals in two games for Oduro, think he will get the start next week against Houston? And to think people were leaving. I guess they will regret that.

82nd Minute: Well, folks here are starting to pack things up and go. Not like there will be any traffic rush here.

78th Minute: Alvarez continues to put pressure on RSL but nothing to show for…you see the theme here. Toja is coming in here for Pablo Ricchetti. Happy Birthday to Toja here…let’s see if he can do anything worth talking about here.

76th Minute: Matias Mantilla in for Jamison Olave…defender for a defender. Interesting.

76th Minute: Its official, RSL is bunkering here. Last couple minutes I think one or two of their guys have crossed midfield. Dallas continues to get good chances but either its Rimando on the save or a bad attempt on goal.

70th Minute: Dallas almost responds with a corner kick. But again, just wide and nothing to show for. Hmm…some how Arturo Alvarez entered the game for Anthony Wallace, that was sneaky.

68th Minute: Morales to Espindola, Espindola to Morales, back to Espindola and it’s in the net for the game’s first goal!! RSL 1 – 0 FC Dallas.

67th Minute: A couple nice chances for RSL but again no creativity leads to Dallas getting back on the ball here. I will say this, I do like the Espindola sub in this one. He’s brought a lot of good pace for RSL out there and is challenging Dallas’s backline more than Deuchar ever was.

65th Minute: Oduro comes on for Thompson. Not one of Abe’s best games but he did get involved when needed. Now Dallas just needs to get Oduro the ball in space. I like this sub from Marco.

63rd Minute: A couple good minutes of possession for Dallas that leads to a corner kick. For a while that was going no where but back. A lot of pushing in the box on this corner that pretty much goes no where. No surprise here on that.

60th Minute: Marcelo Saragosa enters the books with a yellow. I don’t know about that one though, it looked like a solid tackle to me but I guess the ref saw something a little differently here. I think he is just a bit foul happy tonight.

57th Minute: Solid ball from Anthony Wallace in to Abe Thompson. Soft header doesn’t test Nick Rimando though.

54th Minute: Speaking of Deuchar, his day is done. Looks like the Texas heat did a number on him as he really wasn’t effective in this one. Fabian Espindola comes in for him.

53rd Minute: All the subs for Dallas get up…I think some changes should be made here shortly. Maybe Eric Avila perhaps? I know a few in the press box that would like to see it.

51st Minute: Lots of possession here for RSL, they are quickly finding the open space here but again their offense looks like they stayed in Salt Lake City. I like Kenny Deuchar here but he hasn’t done anything tonight. But veteran Andy Williams sure has been all over the place.

48th Minute: Kenny Culter comes into the game and gets a yellow. Didn’t take the red-head long to do that.

46th Minute: Things are underway here…a lot more space with the two send offs here. But I fully expect the next few minutes to be a little bunchy until the teams realize there is a lot more space out there to work with.

Halftime: Pretty lack luster half other than the two cards. Fans seem eager for halftime too, I myself, am looking for some press box cookies…or brownies.

45th Minute: Red card to Bobby Rhine. Wow. Didn’t expect that.

39th Minute: Drew Moor nearly connected on the game’s first goal from Andre Rocha’s free kick. Probably the game’s best chance here.

38th Minute: Ian Joy trips up Cooper for his second yellow…which as we all know equals RED! Yeah, he was rather worthless tonight for RSL, lots of chippy fouls on Cooper and Thompson that gave Dallas some solid chances on goal.

36th Minute: Some decent chances lead to a Dallas corner…but set pieces haven’t been working out for either club tonight.

32nd Minute: Nothing going on in this one….I think I’ve watched more of the Toronto/DC game than this one.

26th Minute: Kenny Cooper goes offside. Not surprised by that call, Cooper leads the league in that department.

25th Minute: Finally some life out of Robby Findley. Haven’t seen much out of this kid so far this season but he decided to make an appearance in this one with a header on goal that just misses wide.

21st Minute: RSL with another corner. FCD has to find a better way to not give up so many corners here. That’s been an issue all season. Lucky for them RSL can’t connect on any of them so far.

20th Minute: A lot better early on out of Dallas. They just need to continue to find Cooper and guys up top in space. That is working for them very nicely so far tonight.

18th Minute: Credit Dallas to some solid possession here. Ian Joy gets the games first yellow card. He’s been foul happy tonight. Andre Rocha with a nice free kick but Dallas isn’t able to hammer it home.

15th Minute: Its like when RSL gets the ball and has some decent possession it goes no where…no chances on net, nothing creative. I think they need Kyle Beckerman to get on the ball more here.

11th Minute: Nice Dallas possession for a couple minutes leads to a very nice chance on goal from Kenny Cooper. Bobby Rhine sets up a nice header for Cooper but it goes into the side netting. Best run of play out of this club in weeks.

Yeah, no crowd today. Maybe, maybe 10,000. That might be pushing it but I’m sure the actual tickets sold will be more in the final report

8th minute: Three straight corners for RSL but nothing comes of it.

5th minute: A bit foul crazy early. Most of them on RSL. But RSL is slowly getting some decent possession in this one.

1st Minute: Kyle Beckerman starts the game off with a foul and thus leads to a Kenny Cooper shot on goal…

Pre-game thoughts: And the Go Marco banner is already gone…interesting…

Pre-game thoughts: Marco is throwing out all the stops here tonight…Toja on the bench, Alvarez on the bench.

Pre-game thoughts: A nice supportive banner for interim coach Marco Ferruzzi across from the home bench. It will be interesting to see how many fans do show up for this one. A hour before last week and this place was already packed (but it was a Beckham game too), this week as the gates open up its pretty bare.

  • Rollins

    man I'm glad you're doing a running commentary on this, and not the travesty that was the Revs/Hard Hats. <br />
    <br />
    Look for MLS to step in and ban streamers this week. (Because some fuck heads couldn't keep their beer bottles, smoke bombs and other stuff off the pitch).<br />
    <br />
    Oh yea, and let me just say this.<br />
    <br />

  • Rollins

    man I’m glad you’re doing a running commentary on this, and not the travesty that was the Revs/Hard Hats.

    Look for MLS to step in and ban streamers this week. (Because some fuck heads couldn’t keep their beer bottles, smoke bombs and other stuff off the pitch).

    Oh yea, and let me just say this.