Wednesday Kicker: MLS Transfer Talks

Wednesday Kicker: MLS Transfer Talks

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 21, 2008
  • Mark Viduka, Shola Ameobi, Transfer Talk

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Its been a busy week in and out of the office for me. Today is no different with the normal work going on, the Champions League final (Go Blues!) and the regular WVH stuff. Today is a good day to catch up on some MLS transfer rumors that are floating out there in the internet.

The summer transfer window is only a few weeks away from opening up for the MLS clubs. Players are starting to be linked left and right to possible moves here.

Let’s start up north with Toronto FC. Reports out of England today talk about a possible move for 28-year-old striker Shola Ameobi. He has a prior relationship with TFC head coach John Carver, during Carver’s Newcastle days.

We all know the need and desire for a top striker in Toronto. I’ve said for weeks that Toronto is one good striker away from really being dangerous here in MLS. Would Ameobi be that big time goal scorer that the Reds have been looking for? He certainly knows his way to goal and would be able to link up well with former Newcastle United midfielder Laurent Robert.

Ameobi is at a good age to bring him over to the league and having a history with Carver doesn’t hurt.

I’ve said before that Jeff Cunningham’s days in Toronto are numbered and with a guy like Ameobi in the discussion I wouldn’t be shocked to see Cunningham begin to get serious looks from other clubs in MLS. I’m sure a Houston or San Jose would love to get their hands on Cunningham.


Another Newcastle United player is linked to a MLS club as well. Interesting. This time its Australian captain Mark Viduka. The 32-year-old striker is being linked with DC United.

What’s that sound? Its the sound of Luciano Emilio getting talked about in trade discussions or the possibility of a release.

Look the guy may be aging but he sure does bring the goals wherever he goes. The question goes for DC, or any other MLS club looking to spend money on Viduka, do you take a chance on him? His asking price will probably be pretty high but you can’t deny the leadership ability that he brings to the table and the ability to score goals.

Its pretty apparent that DC is looking to make changes in the coming weeks. After knocking up Emilio’s contract a couple weeks back I question whether or not they will be willing to part ways with him right away unless he continues to not produce. More than likely you will see guys like Franco Niell get the boot more than anything here and maybe Emilio.

Again, some other clubs wouldn’t be too off in making a pitch for a guy like Viduka. I’d love to see him down here in Dallas but that may be stretching it a bit too much.

Update: Just saw over at Goff’s wonder blog that there is no talk between Viduka and DC. Apparently the rumor is just that, a rumor. To me though I think some clubs should look at him so who knows what other clubs he will get linked up with. Columbus maybe?


See that Thierry Henry is now being linked to LA? I know that won’t happen but some reports overseas sure think they are lining up to make a swing at things. I wouldn’t count on it. If Henry comes to MLS he will be in a Seattle or New York uniform. It’s as simple as that.


Ulises de la Cruz looking to come to MLS? Its possible he could be joining fellow countryman Juan Pablo Angel in New York.

“I talked with my friend Juan Pablo Angel [currently with the New York Red Bulls] and he [Angel] mentioned he is happy to play in the MLS since the press does not pay much attention to soccer.”

De La Cruz will be released from his contract with Reading at the end of next month. A move to MLS isn’t totally out of the question for the 34-year-old defender. He would be a solid addition to a Red Bull defense that still needs some depth.

He’s got some age but we know some veteran defenders in MLS can work out for clubs even if it is only for a half of a season. I wouldn’t be shocked to see his name pop up a little more over the next few weeks as the transfer window reopens and New York coach Juan Carlos Osorio looks to beef up certain areas of his roster like he was expected to do in the winter.


More rumors coming later….back to the CL game!

  • Still Kicking

    Ameobi in Toronto red ?? Sounds wonderful, but rumours and expressions of interest fall apart too often in TFC land. No doubt a striker is needed, Dichio can play a role coming off the bench..

  • Ameobi in Toronto red ?? Sounds wonderful, but rumours and expressions of interest fall apart too often in TFC land. No doubt a striker is needed, Dichio can play a role coming off the bench..