MLS Inks Deal With Barcelona

MLS Inks Deal With Barcelona

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 15, 2008
  • Barcelona

Major League Soccer has announced today they are entering a multi-year deal with futbol giants FC Barcelona.

The new, five-year partnership between MLS and FCBarcelona – the first-ever European club to establish a long-term agreement with MLS and SUM in the United States – includes the organization of a minimum of six international matches throughout the term. The management of all commercial and sponsorship sales on behalf of the club, as well as marketing and PR in the United States, will be managed by Major League Soccer’s marketing arm, Soccer United Marketing.

“…FCBarcelona and its heralded roster of international superstars including Carles Puyol, Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto’o, will play games this summer. Details for the tour will be announced in the near future.”

We had all heard of rumors in the past couple of months about a possible summer tour with Barcelona, where they would play in Chicago and in New York. Nothing has officially been announced but word has it the New York game will be August 9th in Giants Stadium.

The saddest and maybe even the most important part of this deal is that there were no player swapping agreements made between the two sides. Damn, no Jozy for Messi? Too bad, but at least Barca is coming over to play for the next couple of years.

While the deal is a pretty good one for Barca fans, I must say its just all about the money for MLS and SUM. I wouldn’t have expected anything different from them though.