Montreal Puts Finishing Touches On Saputo Stadium

Montreal Puts Finishing Touches On Saputo Stadium

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 8, 2008
  • MLS Expansion, Montreal Expansion, New Stadiums, Saputo Stadium, SSS, USL

You know the more I look into this whole expansion to Montreal, the more I get behind it. Sure, I think it should still be a few more years away but after seeing the final product of the new Saputo Stadium today, I’m thinking an expansion bid for the city could come sooner than that.

As you will see below, for a USL side this is a quality stadium. Hell, even for a few MLS teams this would be a quality stadium. Its a cozy 13,000 seat stadium with plenty of room for expansion. Obviously that will have to happen for them to get an expansion bid into MLS.

From looking at the photos, this looks like a blue version of BMO Field in Toronto. I’d like to see exactly how they will add another four to eight thousand seats for when they could join MLS in a years though. It looks like one endzone would easily have to get worked on and maybe add seats in the corners to round out the stadium a bit. Either way I like this little stadium and I bet it will be one of the better venues in the US and Canada for soccer.