Wednesday Kicker: McBride Return To MLS?

Wednesday Kicker: McBride Return To MLS?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 7, 2008
  • Brian McBride, Summer Transfers

I guess this week was the start of more rumors for players possibly on the move to Major League Soccer. One came in the inbox today from the BBC about a possible move for ex-Columbus Crew forward Brian McBride. Its purely gossip at this point but the BBC thinks he may turn down a one-year deal with Fulham to return to the place where he got started at in Columbus.

First off, I highly doubt he will end up in Columbus whenever he does return to the US to finish out his career. Its kind of lazy reporting on the part of the whoever in England because from what I’ve seen and heard McBride wants to finish out his days in Chicago (he lives in a town outside of Chicago).

The 35-year-old striker will more than likely return to MLS even if he does take the one-year deal from Fulham for next season. I’ve always thought McBride would return to the States for one or two years to finish out his soccer days.

As for Columbus being the destination. It could happen, as the Crew do have the money to make a deal happen for McBride. Yes, he would probably be a DP price tag for the team but the thing is I highly doubt he would end up there unless the Crew made a good deal for it to happen.

Secondly, Toronto will more than likely have the allocation claim on McBride in the event the he does return to MLS. I’m sure someone will be making a deal with the Reds for McBride if he does come as Toronto probably won’t be looking to use a DP on a guy like McBride. Plus, I think they can pass on the claim and let the next club in line (probably RSL or Columbus) take the claim.

And, again, from what he’s said before he wants to play in Chicago. The Fire have the pieces to trade away to whoever has any sort of claim on him. The Fire could easily swing out a couple defenders and/or one of their young strikers to Toronto or Columbus here (or anyone else for that matter). I think it would be a move that anyone could have to take a serious look at.

I think we may still be a year or so away from actually seeing McBride back in MLS though. But if his club does some how get relegated this season the door could open up for him a bit more than it would have if Fulham were to not get the bump down.

Its all food for thought. All three clubs could use his experience but I honestly think he will end up in Chicago after some sort of trade or allocation deal. But again, it probably won’t be for another year.