WVH Weekly Awards: Beckham Takes The Cake

WVH Weekly Awards: Beckham Takes The Cake

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 5, 2008

Getty ImagesNo real surprise that this weekend was mostly about David Beckham’s two goals against Real Salt Lake. The weekend lacked a lot of goals and wins for that matter but Beckham’s brace shined brighter than anything that anyone else did this past weekend.

I tried long and hard to figure out a better candidate that wasn’t Beckham for the goal of the week award and for the player of the week for that matter but in the end no one bent it like Beckham. No one. Christian Gomez, Brad Guzan, John Thorrington, Alejandro Moreno, and William Hesmer all had nice games and were able to give Becks a run for the money here on both fronts.

I think with the two goals we saw pure class out of Beckham as well. The first goal was indeed a sexy goal if I must say so myself. That may have been the first time all year that I felt like the Galaxy were playing some sexy-style of football that their coach would call it. And the free kick was just a thing of beauty that only Beckham can deliver.

I hate to get on the Beckham-lovefest but when a guy like Beckham plays this week in a game you have to suck it up and give the hat tip to the guy. Without the goals the Galaxy would be staring at another road loss in a game that they were mostly dominated in by RSL.

So the goal of the week (whichever one you want to pick) and the player of the week go to Sir David Beckham.