Red Bull – TFC Thoughts

Red Bull – TFC Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 2, 2008

I’m a little behind today but nevertheless, I wanted to make a few points about last night’s primetime affair between Toronto and New York.

For the most part this was a very evenly played game that saw two goals off free kicks. Both goals were great and both were sloppy on the defensive side. Neither team played all that great after that however. The New York goal killed off a lot of Toronto’s momentum until halftime. Even after the break New York never looked nearly as dangerous with Claudio Reyna sitting on the bench with an injury.

Kudos to the Toronto defense though, anytime Jozy Altidore got on the ball they quickly had two men marking him. The kid wasn’t able to create or operate last night. We didn’t see much out of Juan Pablo Angel either, I still question playing him as much as they did last night. He clear isn’t 100% as of yet and playing on field turf isn’t a good way to come back from an injury.

Likewise, some kudos to New York’s defense. I’ve been tough on the Red Bull backline for a number of weeks now but last night they finally found a way to impress me a bit. They held their own even though in the late stages I felt they were sitting back a bit and just playing for the draw. Nothing wrong with that though because a point on the road is always welcome.

Neither offense really got going last night. In fact there were only 11 shots total by both clubs last night. Toronto had zero corner kicks to New York’s five, but New York never looked dangerous on those corners.

For New York fans it was probably nice to see Dane Richards back on the pitch last night. He came on in the second half but never really got involved in the game.

Maybe the most interesting part of the game was the fan that ran out on the field late in the game. ESPN2 wouldn’t show the fan but apparently he was just drunk and actually had some clothes on. Shocking,  I thought it was going to be that female streaker from the Olympic qualifiers. Hat tip to MLSR for posting the photo.

More updates coming later today, including the weekend previews!