Toronto Signs Tebily

Toronto Signs Tebily

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 24, 2008

Okay, I lied. I said I wasn’t going to talk much before the New England-Dallas game tonight but I figured an announcement of a player signing was reason enough to post something. I also said I wouldn’t talk about some of the news that was floating around about Toronto FC today but again I lied. Some of that news was based on other players that could be headed for Toronto this summer. Stuff I really don’t expect to happen.

Anyways, as we talked about last week, Toronto has officially signed Ivory Coast defender Olivier Tebily today.

Some may call this another washed-up EPL guy coming to Toronto but after seeing how the last three moves that this club has made in recent weeks (Amado Guevara, Laurent Robert and Rohan Ricketts) I have to think we need to give this signing its due.

Toronto has looked good in recent weeks and have won two in a row. If Tebily contributes on defense as we’ve seen in the past out of him during his days in Birmingham City and Celtic then Toronto could be looking at a playoff birth later on down the line.

With the way things are going this season in MLS anything is possible. No word on whether or not he will be available this weekend with the club or if he will have to wait a week or so to break into John Carver’s lineup.