GoldenBalls Visits Talk Show

GoldenBalls Visits Talk Show

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 24, 2008

The may come to show that this is a slow news day and I don’t feel like talking about the random news from up north in Toronto. Sorry TFC fans, the rumors I have read today just haven’t got me excited enough to write about them or give them the proper time. That kind of shows you what I think of the rumors anyways.

Anyways, I saw this over at “The Beautiful Game” so hat tip for the posting and wherever he found it or if he did the screenshot from the telly. But David “GoldenBalls” Beckham appeared on a talk show today (or sometime recently). That talk show was Ellen. Yes, amazingly he wasn’t on Oprah or some other day-time talk show that housewives and bums alike watch on a daily basis.

But yeah…so there ya go. Becks on Ellen kicking a ball. Yay, go MLS. Gosh it’s a slow day and I cannot wait for the Revs-Hoops game tonight.