WVH Week 4 Awards

WVH Week 4 Awards

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 21, 2008

I would say that this past weekend may have been the toughest for me to figure out who stood out in front of the others. We had nice performances from a few guys like Kenny Cooper for Dallas and Ronnie O’Brien for San Jose. We also had some no-so good performances from guys like Chad Barrett and the Colorado defense.

As much as I totally expect this week’s awards to go to one of the following two guys, I hate to fall into that kind of a trap myself here and find someone else. But saying that I know deep down that if it hadn’t been for David Beckham’s crosses, the LA Galaxy would be sitting in an even larger hole than what they are already facing themselves with at the moment.

Yup, David Beckham is my co-players of the week here. I hate doing it because I feel that even when he takes a leak the league rewards him. But sometimes you have to give credit where it is due.

The same goes for Landon Donovan. His two goals kept the Galaxy in the game and really gave them a fighting chance to pull ahead of the Houston Dynamo.

The duo wins the award for players of the week. I wouldn’t normally give out co-players of the week but this week I felt like I had to since no one else really stood out to me. Again, some guys had some good games but nothing like these two did in LA on Saturday night.

As for my goal of the week. It has to be Jozy Altidore’s run against the Revs on Saturday. A bit of luck involved but sometimes that is what you need. The run was sweet but the strike to score the goal was even better.