Garber: 2007 Was Best Year Ever

Garber: 2007 Was Best Year Ever

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 16, 2008

Anytime Don Garber speaks, I listen. Today he was on Bloomberg News to discuss why the MLS is great and why 2007 was the best yet for the young league. Honestly, he has to say stuff like that. It’s his freggin’ job.

He mostly talked about Beckham and that typical stuff. Interesting talk about the target audience here in the States. Most of what he says isn’t headline news, its mostly a fluff/info piece for those who actually watch Bloomberg News. Still, its worth posting to see.

Edit: A reader let me know that it was MLS Rumors who posted this video, I wasn’t aware they posted the video as I found it on another site, sorry for any confusion it could have caused them. So hat tip to them for taking the time to upload this! It was mucho appreciated.