Earthquakes To Sign Peguero

Earthquakes To Sign Peguero

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 16, 2008

I mentioned this earlier in the day in the morning kicker, but it appears that San Jose has landed Haitian forward Jean-Philippe Peguero.

Sources say (and Ives has reported) the deal is nearly complete and could be announced later today (though could come later this week).

There is no word yet on whether Peguero’s current club Brondby released him from his contract or if San Jose paid a transfer fee and completed the deal before yesterday’s transfer deadline.

My bet is if a deal is done between the two sides Brondby would have released him from his contract at his wishes to return to the MLS. Due to his recent injuries that kept him out of action for a couple years it makes sense to me that he went to the club asking for a release of his contract, even though now he is healthy. That’s just how I see this shaking down if he is indeed coming back to the MLS.

Even if he did cost a transfer fee, I can’t imagine it being a high one. The same goes for his pay, I wouldn’t look for him to take up a huge amount of salary cap space, maybe $150k a year? That may be a bit much to some too but that’s kind of what I see him getting at this point.

Still, once I get word on this deal I will pass it along to you all. I would say that if we are this close to a return for Peguero to the MLS here then we will see this happen in the coming days and not at the summer transfer window. But then again, anything could happen between now and the end of the week on this deal.

No need to go into the details on why San Jose needs a player like Peguero again at striker. For those who forgot, here is a video of him in action in the league.