More 2008 Salaries Revealed

More 2008 Salaries Revealed

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 14, 2008

lopez1.jpgI know this list was released earlier over the weekend but due to my lack of being around a computer I had to wait until today to get around to posting this information. The league and the players union passed down some salaries of players who recently joined the league.Most of these players are internationals that didn’t join the league until after the first list was compiled. Most of you may have noticed that some players on the full list were on the wrong team. Well the union puts the list together in mid-February from what I hear and some things are complete in the time that they are doing the list.

So here is the most recent batch of players to get signed. I know a couple Toronto players are not on this list, I would expect those salaries to be reported in a week or two.
Claudio Lopez, K.C.: $720,000 base, $820,000 guaranteed
Laurent Robert, Toronto: 319,800/337,300
Andre Rocha, Dallas: 135,000/135,000
Gino Padula, Columbus: 120,000/145,000
Alvaro Pires, L.A.: 100,000/110,775
Jamison Olave, RSL: 80,000/80,000
Oscar Echeverry, N.Y.: 80,000/80,000
Ivan Trujillo, K.C.: 70,000/70,000
Marco Velez, Toronto: 60,000/60,500
Guilherme So, Columbus: 59,000/73,250
Chase Hilgenbrinck, N.E.: 36,000/36,000

Any of those prices jump out at you? None really do for me but I do think Pires is a bit overpaid (go figure, the Galaxy over paying yet again). But other than that I don’t see any number that makes me want to question it. KC did a good thing in what they are paying Lopez…its not too much like Reyna or what Dallas paid Denilson but right at what he should be making really here.