MLS Transfer Deadline Quietly Lingers

MLS Transfer Deadline Quietly Lingers

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 14, 2008

Tomorrow isn’t just a deadline day for millions of Americans and their taxes but it is also a day that is a deadline for MLS clubs. Yes, tomorrow is the subtle MLS transfer deadline and for a few teams it has lingered here all to quietly.

Some clubs were smart to make their moves in advance or get their moves out of the way by this deadline and others are left wondering where time went. Only really a couple clubs are worth talking about here in this deadline as most won’t do anything to their current roster until the summer if they need to.

Which clubs do we speak of here? New York easily comes to mind, so does San Jose and even more so now to a degree Houston. Toronto would have been on this list had it not been for the last two weeks when they dumped a couple players to bring in the likes of Amado Guevara and Laurent Robert. We can’t put all the clubs on here because from week to week here we see that most have done enough for this season or at least enough to last until the summer transfer window.

New York is still looking as they have a proposal made to Red Bull Salzburg to bring in Ernst Obster on loan, a deal that is still being worked on. It doesn’t mean that the club isn’t going to sign anyone it just won’t be until later on down the road this season.

I talked to the Red Bull communications person in Frisco on Saturday and he was as puzzled about some of the potential moves as anyone else around this club. Some of the media asked about some of the rumored players, each of which he shrugged his shoulders and said he wasn’t quite sure what would happen. Translation, it’s not going to happen anytime soon for the Red Bulls.

According to Ives, the club is currently looking at a number of defenders right now (Deportivo Italia defender Gabriel Cichero is one, an unidentified European-based defender is the other). Defense is definitely an area that Juan Carlos Osoiro has to look as right now if he even dreams of putting this club into the playoffs. Ives says that Cichero will probably get a good look but won’t be available to sign until the summer.

That’s the problem with the Red Bulls right now. They waited around too long and now are stuck with their current state of players until this summer.

The club could still land Paraguayan midfielder Lider Marmol, who’s current discovery claim with the Fire could end on a transfer deadline day acquisition that could leave the club without the salary cap room to afford Marmol. Meaning Chicago would lose that claim on him and thus allowing the Red Bulls to sign him.

I think the long wait for Marmol is interesting, one that better be worth the wait for Red Bull fans.


I put Houston on this short list for a couple reasons. They still have little offense to show for and their depth has been brought into question real early on here with the amount of games that they’ve had to play. Bad scheduling or not here, the Dynamo still lack a quality striker with Brian Ching and lack the depth in that area and probably even in defense.

I think I now understand even more the reason why DC traded Bobby Boswell to Houston this winter. The Boz hasn’t looked good at all this season and to a degree looks worse than he did a year before in DC.

I like Franco Caraccio but not enough to want to add him to my fantasy roster anytime soon. He got on the scoreboard once but hasn’t really done enough to impress me thus far which means there is even more pressure on Brian Ching to produce.

Houston may have to dip into that DP money this summer if they want to win another MLS Cup. Right now they haven’t even looked like the two-time champions. I want to see what kind of hangover they have now that the CONCACAF Champions Cup is over for them.


San Jose is on this list for obvious reasons. Expansion club that looks like an expansion club should. There is some hope for this club but they really need to people to step up their play. I’m sure they have the allocation money and salary cap space to make some moves if they want to but I think it seems like Frank Yallop is not really building to win right away but in one or two more years. Its a bold move but we all know that’s how you should do an expansion club. Expectations are always low fo these clubs and Yallop knows that.

They looked better at home against Chicago but still look a long way off from really putting pressure on clubs in the league.

Not that there is anything wrong with that right now. Their time will come once they fill out this roster some more. They have been in discussions with a couple of players and I wouldn’t be shocked to see them bring in a couple players this summer.