Revs At Wizards Commentary

Revs At Wizards Commentary

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 9, 2008

Gotta love random midweek games in the MLS. Tonight we get a good one with KC and New England. I am watching online thanks to the wonderful MLStv. Below is my tally of what I am seeing during the game.

Feel free to post your comments on the game below as I give you mine!

Second half coverage:

  • Nice bounce back for the Revs here after last week’s drumming in Chicago, pretty poor play overall tonight by the Wizards
  • 2 or 3 minutes of stoppage time here maybe…hmm 4 minutes here (90 min.)
  • Corner number 10 here for the Wizards but nothing comes from it (89 min.)
  • Wasted chance by Myers again, sends a ball in with no one going to goal (87 min.)
  • A couple late corners here by the Wizards but nothing from them. (85 min.)
  • I must say this is not the same New England club that we saw in Chicago a week earlier, much better in the midfield and in defence . Hasn’t hurt that the scoring has been there tonight for them.
  • New England is just sitting back now and allowing KC to pass all over here (84 min.)
  • Ten to go here, the Wizards look tired here, New England has to control this last 10 though. (80 min.)
  • Reis with 6 big saves tonight, he may be the man of the match so far for me
  • Shalrie Joseph down on the corner there…that may not be good to hear if you’re a Revs fan, he took a hard hit from Conrad but it looks like he may be able to go here (78 min.)
  • Reis robs the Wizards yet again, lovely shot by Lopez (77 min.)
  • Colombano makes it three up top for the Wizards and now three in the back.
  • Last sub for the Wizards as Wahl going off and Colombano coming on…very offensive sub here(74 min.)
  • Smith is having a good game for the Revs I think, lots of good touches here
  • The Revs just got to kill off these last few here, get the possession and continue to frustrate the Wizards.
  • Poor corner from Nyassi, fair to say he isn’t their top choice to be taking those at this point…(73 min.)
  • Poor cross by Myers as he has some guys in the middle but the rookie tries to put the ball on goal instead of in the box…rookie mistake I suppose (72 min.)
  • The play has gone back into the middle…that’s won’t score goals here for either club as its just too jumbled in the middle here (71 min.)
  • Lopez is getting very frustrated here…I think he is getting tired out there (69 min.)
  • Castro out now for the Revs and Chase Hilgenbrinck on…good defensive sub (66 min.)
  • Sealy went down acting if the ref would give a PK but no call there and for good reason, you have to earn a PK mate, you can’t just fall down and expect one from the ref, plus he didn’t even get touched by a Revs defender (64 min.)
  • KC should scored another one with Sealy…man (63 min.)
  • Another chance goes over the bar for KC…should have been a goal by Marinelli, all he had to do was touch it home (62 min.)
  • Parkhurst is playing very well against Lopez here, very patient play out of the 2007 defender of the year (61 min.)
  • Man Lopez just need to take more shots and stop trying to play setup man here, every chance he has created no one on the Wizards have been able to put it home…(60 min.)
  • Marinelli with an elbow to the head but no card…wow…that should have been a second yellow on Marinelli, bad no card there, you have to give a card when someone elbows someone in the head and he wasn’t even near the ball on that (58 min.)
  • I think it may be time for Onalfo to bring on Ivan Trujillo here…they need another quality attacker on the field here if they want to get back in this one…instead they bring someone else on…some rookie
  • A decent chance for the Revs as Mansally almost produced the 4th goal (56 min.)
  • More players in the attack here for the Wizards, their defenders are sliding up on the right side (56 min.)
  • KC is looking good this half, they want those two goals back and I think they can do it if they continue playing on the wings here (54 min.)
  • Reis is hearing it all half behind him as the Cauldron throws some streamers at him…perfect section for a supporter’s group
  • Mansally almost gets a chance as KC’s defense looked real iffy in front of their own box as Hartman came out and didn’t get the ball as one of his defenders had trouble clearing the ball (52 min.)
  • Some sloppy midfield play now, but the Wizards get going with Marinelli who fires one from distance but Reis with the easy save (51 min.)
  • A couple decent chances here early for the Wizards…Myers looks decent (50 min.)
  • Fair to say that because of the rain, there may only be around 5000 or 6000 people there in KC tonight? That’s my bet on the attendance…I’m sure some people will complain about it tomorrow
  • I like the Revs broadcast crew, even if they are totally biased here…Lalas isn’t as annoying as he used to be for me…
  • Chance Myers into the game for the first time…he comes on for Harrington

Revs have a 3-1 lead at the half….very physical half and most of that is KC looking frustrated at the way things are going here. At one point it looked like KC would take over this game but sloppy play in the back (I told you the defense was shaky here) lead to two more goals. Lots of fouls and shots in this one, its been pretty interesting to say the least. Not too many people including myself expect this kind of showing by the Revs.

First half:

  • Nyassi trying to get another one as he strikes another solid chance on goal that just goes wide (42 min.)
  • GOAL Revs…wonderful ball in again from Castro and Mansally hammers it home this time for the Revs…wow the Wizards totally look out of it…crazy season we are having here (41 min.)
  • First yellow of the game goes to Carlos Marinelli…must say he isn’t having his best game tonight (40 min.)
  • Khano Smith is looking real good tonight for the Revs, he is finding a lot of space on the wings (38 min.)
  • GOAL Revs…Nyassi hammers home a nice shot after a great one-two with Smith and Mansally. Great play by the Revs. (33 min.)
  • Rain is really coming down now…this could get interesting here…(30 min.)
  • GOAL KC…Jewsberry makes up for the own-goal. How many people can say they have scored a PK and given up an own goal? (28 min.)
  • Yeah definitely a PK on Nyassi…good call
  • PK for the Wizards…kinda iffy but there was a foul in midfield that should have been called and not in the box (26 min.)
  • Wow Igwe with a nice chance on goal, just barely misses scoring a goal for the Revs (21 min.)
  • KC is starting to settle in here in the game with some good chances and passing (20 min.)
  • Sealy gets a nice touch but another amazing save by Matt Reis…wow (17 min.)
  • The left side of the field looks wide open for the Wizards but no one is making runs…talking to you Michael Harrington (16 min.)
  • Looks like now they are saying Jack Jewsbury is the unfortunate sole that gets credited with the own goal. (13 min.)
  • Shaky defense is starting to hurt the Wizards…this is the first time they’ve been down this season..
  • GOAL Revs, Great ball by Castro and I believe its an own goal…looks like Tyson Wahl taps it in his own goal…great kick by Castro (11 min.)
  • Speaking of Reis, yes, he is wearing a green penny tonight over his normal keeper jersey…just to be safe to not confuse people with his dark blue jersey and the Wizards’ jerseys
  • Another free kick for Castro and the Revs (11 min.)
  • Reis with two BIG SAVES early on as Lopez and company fire away…wow point blank shots just blocked away from Reis (9 min.)
  • Nice free kick by the Revs as Castro puts the ball just over the goal…I’m telling you this guy is dangerous for the Revs (6 min.)
  • Sainey Nyassi looks real dangerous early on for the Revs, it earns a foul outside of the box (6 min.)
  • Lopez paired up with Sealy up top for the Wizards…I like that pairing more so than Trujillo and Lopez.
  • Igwe gives up a dangerous foul early with good position for Marinelli but the Revs clear it out…(2 mins.)
  • Finally someone agrees with me on the field being shorter than it appears. Lalas just said he walked the field and it is much shorter on the width than advertised
  • Interesting lineup for the Revs, lots of youth but it could work out…
  • One thing I love about MLStv, you get a bunch of random audio during breaks that you don’t hear on TV. Just heard Greg Lalas sign “Why can’t we be friends”….classic