Chicago-New England Impressions

Chicago-New England Impressions

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 3, 2008

So I’m watching the Chicago and New England game right now and I must say, New England is looking like crap and Chicago is totally taking advantage of it.

Other random thoughts early on:

  • Chad Barrett does know how to score. Wow. (4 minutes in)
  • Bad red card on Larentowicz…should have been a yellow
  • New England still has chances in this game on set pieces and the play of Nyassi on the wings.
  • Blanco shows pure class on the second goal…sloppy defense on New England though, that should have been cleared a few times. (22 minutes in)
  • Glenn Davis calling the game isn’t bad but its a little annoying when he says the wrong player when the camers show a close up of someone else. Its happened a couple times.
  • What’s Pedro Gomez doing on the sideline? I guess with no Barry Bonds in baseball, ESPN has relocated Gomez to the soccer world. I can handle that, at least he knows how to be a sideline reporter unlike Allen Hopkins.
  • Toyota Park looks great on TV…always has and the Fire fans sounds great
  • New England keeps having chances on corners. Mansally misses a wide open goal on another corner. (25 minutes in)
  • Jon Busch may have just made the save of the season so far…what a shot by the Revs on the wings. (29 minutes in)
  • A man down and New England keeps getting random possession with chances…that’s either a sign that the Fire aren’t that good and the Revs are playing poorly OR the Fire are bunkering with a lead early here and the Revs are just getting more chances…I mean six corners in 30 minutes is a good amount of chances (32 minutes in)
  • Oh a bad PK call on Nyassi….Mapp goes down on his own and we get a PK (35 min. in)
  • Blanco makes it 3-0….the rout is on….New England can do nothing right now…still a bad PK call
  • I think that red card is showing just how badly it hurts New England to be a man down at this point…Barrett nets his second goal to make it 4-0…great pass from Frankowski to Barrett who has no trouble putting it in the back of the net…(39 minutes in)
  • If you had Barrett or Frankowski on your fantasy rosters this week you are in for a treat
  • I feel weird writing this but man Barrett looks good out there tonight…two goals. Oh yeah that Blanco guy is making things work. Definitely showing why he will be an MVP candidate this year.
  • Another corner for New England and they get nothing out of it…7-0 on corners for the Revs if that makes you Revs fans feel any better (43 min. in)
  • Decent shot from Castro from outside the box…Busch looked a little shaky on that save though…almost bobbled it on a low shot. (45 min. in)
  • 4-0 at the half…wow…just wow. This is not the same two clubs that we saw last week.

Second 45 thoughts:

  • You know I like this Davis-Smyth combo on ESPN…they are a solid backup
  • Also Rob Stone in the studio works so much better than in the booth…let’s keep it at that
  • New England would look so much different with Steve Ralston and Taylor Twellman on the pitch…
  • Dang a couple good chances early on this half for the Revs…Busch is coming up big for the Fire (47 min. in)
  • Castro has a nice shot on him…and he isn’t afraid to go from distance…
  • 8 corners now for the Revs and no goals…(49 min. in)
  • Random yellow to Barrett….for a reason of unknown…I guess he was being himself…(51 min. in)
  • 9 corners for the Revs…(51 mins. in)
  • Chris Rolfe has been amazingly quiet in this game. (53 min. in)
  • Crazy sequence by the Fire but no one can stick it home…Barrett should have scored it for his hat trick but I guess Barrett is quickly becoming his old self again here (55 min. in)
  • I really hate the new numbers on the back of the jerseys this season…1s look like 7s and vice-versa.
  • Its amazing how one bad call can change a game….New England had that terrible red card early in the game and has yet to respond…credit to the Fire though for making the most of it and actually finishing their chances, I think a year ago this same club wouldn’t have produced those goals
  • Reis just showed us why he is a stellar keeper in this league…great shot by the Fire which leads to the first Fire corner of the night (64 min.)
  • 15,00+ on hand tonight…very nice

Alright, I have to leave work here and travel home (this game is over really with only 20 minutes left)…if anything big happens I will write about it…I may or may not write a running commentary during the Galaxy-Quakes game though…we will see…

More random thoughts coming later….feel free to pipe in your own.