Toronto Signs Robert

Toronto Signs Robert

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 2, 2008

For weeks we have heard about a number of players that could be on their way to play for Toronto FC. It appears that today is finally that day for the Reds and their fans to get a new player for this season. French winger Laurent Robert has signed a two year deal with the Canadian club.

I think this move is going to make Mo Johnston either really smart or really dumb. I say that because Robert should add some serious depth to the wings of the Toronto team, an area that really needed improvement. I also say that it could be dumb because Robert is 32 and has failed to make any sort of impact over the last couple years including failing to get a roster spot with Derby County of the EPL. Yeah, that Derby County that has like 10 points in the standings right now over there.

Thankfully he will not be paid the same sort of wage that he had at Derby, meaning he won’t be priced as a designated player here in the MLS. My bet is he will get somewhere in the $175,000 to $250,000 range.

Robert has played for several big named clubs over the years, most noteably at Newcastle and Benfica. While at Newcastle he was known for his crosses and free kick abilities. So don’t be too shocked if he starts to take over that role for Toronto.

Also Toronto is expected to signed Rohan Ricketts to a deal. The 25-year-old Ricketts is another midfielder with good feet and dribbling skills. From the little bit that I remember about Ricketts is he typically knows how to attack at a defender but will sometimes forget to get his teammates involved in the play. That may or may not be a great thing for Toronto but they do need a midfielder with some play-making abilities right now.

Toronto is hoping to be a fresh start for the former Tottenham player. If his head is in the game he will make an impact here in the MLS.

Reports also say that the Amado Guevara deal is still in the works but that deal is probably a couple months away at this point from actually happening.

Both moves should help Toronto if and only if Ricketts comes to play and if Robert can be the Terry Cooke style of winger for the Reds. We saw last weekend just how badly Toronto needs two players like this in their midfield so it could work. Then again just like the Andy Welsh deal of a year ago it could fail. While most clubs in the league are looking for players in South America, Toronto continues to scout the clubs in England. I think evenutally that will pay off for them.