Best April Fools Day Joke

Best April Fools Day Joke

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 1, 2008

Some people love April Fools Day, and some people could care less. I’m kind of on the boat that could care less. However, I have seen a couple good AFD jokes out there.

The best has to go to Ives, who’s joke was that the day after Hugo Sanchez gets canned in Mexico, they hire former US National Team coach Bruce Arena for the gig.

It may not be the best joke in the world but it definitely gave me a good chuckle.

Other that may give some a chuckle (if it’s real or not) is the MLS Rumors putting up a closed sign. Again, its probably a joke but with them you never really know how serious they actually are about things.

But the best thing I saw today may not be an actual AFD joke. Over at The Offsides Rules, SF decided to start a Major League Blogging and the 2008 Credibility Table yesterday. Your’s truly is not included, but I am fully behind this. Before MLSR put up their closing sign today, my bet was they would get relegated at the end of it.

I’m sure there are some better AFD jokes out there but I will let you all send them to me as always. I may update this later on if a joke is worthy enough to make it on here.