WVH Player of the Week

WVH Player of the Week

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 31, 2008

Something new that I think I want to start here is a weekly awards type of post. Loads of good performances over the weekend but a couple guys did standout that deserve the player of the week award for week number one.

Of those players you could have Claudio Lopez of KC; Maykel Galindo for Chivas and his game tying goal against Dallas; Blanco for his heroics late against Real Salt Lake; any number of Revolution players; but one guy stood out more to me than anyone else and that was Terry Cooke.

Yes, the Englishman showed me something that I didn’t get to see from him all last season, the ability to make things happen on every goal scored by the Rapids against the Galaxy this weekend. I think the addition of Christian Gomez was a great one for Cooke due to the fact of how defenses will play off of Gomez and thus freeing Cooke to have more space on the wings to send in his dangerous crosses. I really think Cooke will have a strong season this year for the Rapids, which should be a good thing for the Rapids if he does.

After getting to view more of the Galaxy – Rapids game this morning, I felt the Rapids didn’t just beat the Galaxy, they completely controlled the pace of the game and kept the big names off the ball more than the Galaxy would have liked. Not to mention the Galaxy defense is beyond repair at this point already in the season. I guess “sexy football” to Gullit and Lalas mean “crappy football”. They were just dreadful to watch.

Again, Terry Cooke was the WVHooligan Player of the Week. I think most out there would agree with that, I know Ives did earlier and I wouldn’t be shocked to see if the rest of the MLS pundits do as well. More than likely though Blanco will get the nod from the league though.

On a side note, expect the week one power rankings to be up by tomorrow morning.