Olympic Qualifiers

Olympic Qualifiers

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 21, 2008

After last nights win over Canada, the US national team joins the list of countries that have qualifies for the Olympics in China later this year.

Olympic Qualifiers
Asia: Australia, Japan, South Korea, China
Africa: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, TBD (Nigeria, Ghana or South Africa)
Europe: Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia
Oceania: New Zealand
South America: Brazil, Argentina

The draw is April 20.

As you see there are still a country in Africa to join this group. So far a pretty good list of countries. Early on favorites to win have to be Argentina, the Netherlands and possibly even the US.

I think we will get a better understanding when we see the draw later next month though on really determining who should/could win the Olympics.