Beckham Has Option To Buy A MLS Club

Beckham Has Option To Buy A MLS Club

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 21, 2008

So today as you can tell has been a very slow news day. I’ve been watching mostly the NCAA tournament, hoping my bracket stays a float in the office pool (only missed four so far and WVU won so I am happy). Anyways, I was planning a RSL preview for today but that looks to be on hold for Monday.

But I did notice the news out there and wanted to throw my two cents in the bucket as always on the report that David Beckham has a clause in his contract that states he can buy a MLS club when his finishes his five year deal.

David Beckham has an option to buy an MLS franchise when his five-year Los Angeles Galaxy contract expires after the 2011 season, according to a CBS “60 Minutes” profile scheduled to air Sunday… the option was granted to the 32-year-old midfielder and his manager, Simon Fuller.

So what clubs does Beckham buy? Could be just about any but my feeling is that he will sit down with the league and talk it over about which club needs help the most at that point in time and figure out just how he can look good by buying them and not relocating them.

This news honestly doesn’t surprise me the least bit that his contract has such a clause in it. The MLS wanted him that badly so they had to throw in some random deals like this.

If it were 2012 today and Beckham was retired from the league my guess is that he would be owning either Chivas USA (that is if that club isn’t sold well before this) or Real Salt Lake. Just my two guesses though it could end up being an expansion club or maybe one of the two Hunt’s clubs (Columbus or Dallas). Before we go all crazy over this let’s just sit back and kind of laugh at the notion that some day soon Beckham will be owning one of our clubs.

Honestly I am pulling for Chivas. It makes sense due to the club already being in LA and in need of a real identity. I think as we all know that the “Chivas” experiment in this league just isn’t working like some thought it would. If the club is winning and not drawing then they have a serious problem. I think within the next three years if this continues and the club plays well like last year but lacks the butts in the seats, someone will step in and re-brand this club. Just a feeling, feel free to disagree all you want.

  • American Dust

    Isn't New York a possibility for a second team? NYC would sure seem a fit for his lifestyle.

  • Isn’t New York a possibility for a second team? NYC would sure seem a fit for his lifestyle.