Houston and DC Advance in Champions Cup

Houston and DC Advance in Champions Cup

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 20, 2008

I know I hardly even looked into the DC – Harbor View game the other day, mainly because there wasn’t all that much to say other than DC looked strong and got lots of goals out of their starters and Harbor View looked no better than a lower level MLS club like Real Salt Lake or Toronto.

Last night was another tail of the MLS getting the better of their CONCACAF foe in the Champions Cup. Houston downed a very solid looking Municipal 3-1 thanks to a duce from Dewayne De Rosario.

At first I didn’t think Houston had looked all that good but then the second half came and things took off for the men in orange. Cory Ashe was a total beast on the wing and De Rosario showed us the MVP-type of attacking midfielder that this league needs.

I have to say I was impressed with the Houston midfield for the most part last night. After seeing the defense show up in the first half I was beginning to wonder if we’d see any offense at all. Things quickly changed with a De Rosario goal early on in the second half.

Sure the next goal was a questionable PK call but to most a goal is still a goal. Still, I will say it was a terrible call by a ref that probably had better nights than last night.

Not a few minutes went by when Houston struck again to put the nail in Municipal. The Honduran club was down but not all out as they did bring one back late but even then it was too little too late for the visitors. They could have had a shot at another goal but again the ref let a handball in the box go, which should have been called.

Seeing DC and Houston advance again this year is promising for the MLS and the teams. Both looked good at home, while on the road was another story. Simple as it seems, getting the draws on the road and then putting the teams away at home is definitely the recipe for cups like this one. DC and Houston showed just how to do that as well.

I must say, if Houston gets this kind of play out of DeRo and Ashe this season, they will easily be the favorites again to win it all.

What did you all make of the game last night…and the DC game for that matter? I don’t know about you but it is really getting me ready for this season here in the next couple weeks.