Richards Out 3 Months

Richards Out 3 Months

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 10, 2008

Some evening news for you tonight as word comes out of New York on midfielder Dane Richard’s MCL sprain. It appears that it is worse than originally thought. Richards is set to miss up to three months, an injury suffered during the Red Bulls exhibition match against the Red Bulls reserves.

Thankfully the injury will not require surgery but he could be out of action until June. If not later as MCL injuries are not the easiest to overcome.

Richards suffered the injury when Harald Pichler (of the Austrian Red Bulls) delivered a studs up challenge that caught Richards in the leg and bent his knee inward. The result is the first major injury of Richards’ young career.

Tough blow to the club really as Richards was one of the more consistent performers last season. I guess they will rely on guys like Hunter Freeman to fill the role on the wings until Richards gets back to full strength. Something tells me he won’t see the field until at least late June if not early July here. I hate saying that because I want to see this kid get over the injury as soon as possible but I just have a gut feeling on this injury after reading all of Ives’ reports from the match last week and the reactions afterwards.

I don’t think the season is lost though for Red Bull fans with Richards going down before the season but I do think they are in some trouble in the early going.