Lopez a Done Deal?

Lopez a Done Deal?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 7, 2008

UPDATE: He signed…and here is a lovely photo in the new Wizard kit, KC fans, your savory has arrived!

A deal that most Wizard fans have been waiting a while for is about to be complete. Claudio Lopez is set to sign on as the club’s first designated player in the next day or so.

He is scheduled to fly from his home in Cordoba to Buenos Aires today and meet up with the Wizards’ front office to finalize a two-year contract. Of course this means that Lopez will make well over the DP minimum of $400k a year, my bet he will be getting somewhere in the $800k range. I doubt he will be getting Juan Pablo Angel type money but you never really know here.

As much as I would love to add him to the player movement page I will hold off until he is putting on a Wizard jersey in front of the KC media. That part may still be a week away from here.

All I can say is it is about time on this deal. I know these deals can take a decent amount of time to complete but I’m sure to some this has dragged on for too long.

I know I’ve been super critical of the Wizards this off-season but this deal may change my mind about them, more so in the offense department. They still have lots to do on their defense but getting an international level striker will go a long way in how they fare this season. I am just curious to see what this 33-year-old Lopez has left in his tank (which still should be quite a bit).

You Wizard fans getting excited? I know I would be, this shouldn’t be a Denilson-type of DP signing but hopefully for the league and the club’s sake its a Angel-type DP.

UPDATE: looks like this deal may be tomorrow afterall…thanks for the tip George

<>UPDATE2: See above for photo….he signed, his contract is DP status as we all expected and Wizard fans should feel very lucky to get a deal done as other Argentine strikers have not been so kind to this league ><>><>*VERON*…><>><>>