Waiver Draft Today

Waiver Draft Today

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 4, 2008

Yesterday was roster compliant day for the teams in the MLS. Most teams were pretty much already roster compliant going into yesterday while some were still working on some last minute moves (Claudio Lopez *yawn* to KC).

Today will be (another) Waiver Draft, set for 3pm ET.

It is is half as boring as the last back in November, then you won’t be hearing anything else from me, as no clubs made any pick-ups last time around. Most of you will find this draft rather worthless in that case, and really it is.

There are a couple names that were let go yesterday that could be up for the picking.

Columbus let Rusty Pierce go, Colorado let defender Brandon Prideaux go as well. LA finally let go Kyle Martino and Kelly Grey with no takers in line to make a trade for them (they had been in talks with Real Salt Lake over Martino, and I want to say they wanted to ship Grey to Columbus for Tim Ward but obviously that deal fell through since Ward is now in Colorado).

Interesting thing about the new waiver system in the MLS, once players clear waivers any team can sign them with no strings attached, meaning they won’t have to give up any compensations for signing them like before. Which is a good thing really that the league is getting away from.

Again, I doubt anything will happen today on this but if something does I will have it right here for you all.