Mina Done With MLS

Mina Done With MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 3, 2008

I think it is safe to say that Roberto Mina will not be in a MLS uniform anytime soon. After coming to an agreement on a deal with FC Dallas, Mina and the league broke off talks and now the striker is returning to his native Ecuador to wait out until the next transfer window to sign elsewhere with a club in South America.

According to sources, talks with the league collapsed last Friday over a contract guarantee.  It appears there had been other teams in MLS were interested in Mina, notably Houston and New York, but no trade has been made.  Mina says he is out of time on getting a deal with Dallas and dealing with the league here.

Its kind of a dicy situation for Dallas. They were dealing with a player who hadn’t been fit and really hadn’t seen a quality game in over two years due to injuries. In all honesty, you can’t blame the club for how things went down in this deal. They were being careful to not resign a player who could easily get injured again here. Mina however look at things different and wanted more of a guarantee in this and Dallas and the league had trouble getting something hammered out since it wasn’t something they wanted to do.

Buzz over at 3rd Degree got to talk to Mina about this and he had some pretty stern words for the league and FC Dallas:

“I wanted to play for FC Dallas. This has been my club for three years. If they couldn’t sign the contract, I asked them to let me go so I could play somewhere else.  This is not what I wanted.  I have no problem with MLS or my teammates. My agent and I cannot work with Morrow or Hitchcock anymore.”

“The coach [Morrow] makes a lot of promises to players,” he said. “And then he doesn’t keep them.”

Of course Mina is going to be frustrated about this but I am still siding with the team here. As good as Mina had been in the past, you can’t blame Dallas for how this was handled due to his injuries of the last two years. Morrow made it pretty clear in recent weeks that Mina had to prove himself to the club again to get some sort of deal.

Mina was also frustrated with the club over not getting a deal together to possibly send him to Houston or New York. Mina again had pretty harsh words about Morrow on this.

I trust very much in the Dynamo coach.  I have no trust in Morrow. He does not follow through on his promises and I cannot trust my future to him.”

The only thing Dallas can be worried over now is future negociations between them and other South American players. Mina’s agency is one that many clubs in the league use to land players from South America, most notably in Argentina.

Tough to see Mina go for some Dallas fans though, when he was healthy he was a quality big man up top for the Hoops. But again, for me its the injuries that worried me for him to be coming back to Dallas. The Hoops weren’t in the wrong on this and mostly it was the player expecting too much of a deal after being injured for two years. In professional sports, if a player has been sitting out for almost two years and tried to come back you can just about bet that he won’t get a deal he likes due to that injury. Its only fair.