Countdown to Kickoff, Possible Q&A, Seattle Info

Countdown to Kickoff, Possible Q&A, Seattle Info

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 3, 2008

Hard to believe that the MLS 2008 season kicks off in less than a month now. A lot of you have been emailing me with questions over predictions for the coming season and what not for each club. I can tell you my season previews are on the way shortly, as well as that final power rankings that I promised a week or so ago (I didn’t forget about that).

This off-season has flown by really, and I think some clubs out there would agree with me on that. A lot of teams have plenty of questions going into today alone as rosters have to be finalized for the 28-man salary cap compliant rule that the league set down for today. From what I’ve been told there are a couple moves on the way before that 5pm ET deadline as some clubs like LA will look to drop a couple players, while some others will try to snatch them up.

Once I get word on what each club has done to get compliant I will let you all know. Some I question if they are even close like San Jose, do they even have 28 players right now? That’s a good question floating out there today.

I don’t see too many teams really worrying right now though after seeing how DC and Houston started off last year. Its a long season and the way the MLS is set up, you can have a terrible start of the season and still win Supporters Shields (DC) and MLS Cups (Houston). Until the league is set up different, we will continue to see this trend I feel.

Here are some more things that I am hearing this afternoon:

  • I know KC is still actively trying to sign Argentina scorer Claudio Lopez. From what I’ve been told that deal is very close to being made official, maybe a day or so away from it but they will be compliant with the league in terms of roster and salary cap space even with Lopez. So no fear there Wizard fans.
  • New York fans are probably worried after today’s news about Dane Richards and his sprained MCL. Not a good sign there if you ask me. Sounded like a dirty game though, loads of fouls from what Ives reported.
  • I know a few of you Rapids fans are still wondering about that Brazilian from the A-League, he won’t be able to sign until May at the very earliest, that’s when his contract in Austrilia runs out from what I’ve been told. But things still look good for him to sign with Colorado once the time comes for it.
  • I’ve also been told that Seattle’s expansion side will be revealing their name, colors, and logo in the coming weeks. Maybe even by the end of the week. We will see. From what I’ve been hearing around the league is that they won’t be called the Sounders…looks like it will probably be Emerald City Greens after all. I am still hoping for just Emerald City FC but we will see.

A lot of work still to go in these next couple weeks leading in to that first game of the season. I won’t reveal any predictions at this point, mainly because I am waiting to see some deals go through and I honestly don’t know my eight playoff teams at this point. I have five or so nailed down in my head but the other three are too questionable at this point to committ to for a solid prediction, one that will probably still tick a few of you off out there as it always does. Can’t make everyone happy with predictions, but that’s what makes this fun right?

My installments of each club’s preview may be shorter than last years, it all depends on the time I have to get them written up here in the next couple weeks.

If you got a question just feel free to drop a comment or send me an email. I’ve thought about doing a Q&A in the past and I may do one before the season kicksoff with the way my inbox has been recently. So keep them coming in and maybe we will do one.

Stay tuned…I have plenty coming up this week…