Updated MLS Player Movement

Updated MLS Player Movement

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 2, 2008

A few moves this week mostly sparked by trades between clubs as they all get salary cap compliant by tomorrow evening. I’m sure more waivers will be made today and tomorrow, if not some more trades to go along with it.

Here are the moves of the past week:
Trade: Ronnie O’Brien to San Jose from Toronto
Trade: Nicolas Hernandez to Columbus from Colorado
Trade: Tim Ward to Colorado from Columbus
Trade: Kevin Harmse to Toronto from LA
INCOMING (RSL): Kenny Deuchar – via transfer Gretna F.C. (Scotland)
INCOMING (HOU): Franco Caraccio – via transfer Arsenal de Sarandν (Argentina)
Waived: Ritchie Kotschau by RSL
Waived: Ricardo Virtuoso by Columbus
Waived: Rusty Pierce by Columbus
Waived: Jacob Thomas by Columbus

Chicago Fire:
Patrick Nyarko – via SuperDraft
Dominic Cervi – via SuperDraft
Peter Lowry – via SuperDraft
Dwight Barnett – via SuperDraft
Stephen King – via SuperDraft
Austin Washington – via SuperDraft
Andy Herron – Columbus Crew (trade)
Kai Kasiguran – via Supplemental Draft
Adrian Bumbut – via Supplemental Draft
Zach Pope – via Supplemental Draft
Steve Bode – via Supplemental Draft
Tim Conway – via Supplemental Draft
Melford James, Jr. – via Supplemental Draft
Tomasz Frankowski – via free transfer Wolverhampton (England)

Pablo Wanchope – retired
Chris Armas – retired
Ivan Guerreo – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Jim Curtin – Chivas USA (trade)
Matt Pickens – via free transfer Queen’s Park Rangers (England)

Chivas USA:
Atiba Harris – Real Salt Lake (trade)
Alecko Eskandarian – Real Salt Lake (trade)
Keith Savage – via SuperDraft
Jim Curtin – Chicago Fire (trade)
Kraig Chiles – via Supplemental Draft
Javier Ayala-Hil – via Supplemental Draft
El-Hadj Cisse – via Supplemental Draft
Andre Sherard – via Supplemental Draft
Raphaλl Wicky – transfer FC Sion (Switzerland)

Jason Hernandez – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Preston Burpo – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
David Arvizu – waived
Carlos Llamosa – waived
Desmond Brooks – waived
Mohammed Sethi – waived
Carlos Borja – waived
Orlando Perez – waived
Justin Myers – waived
Eder Robles – waived
Ramon Nunez – waived
Rodrigo Lopez – waived
Erasmo Solorzano – waived
Laurent Merlin – waived

Colorado Rapids:
Jose Burciaga Jr. – Kansas City Wizards (trade)
Ciaran O’Brien – via SuperDraft
Adrian Chevannes – via SuperDraft
Brian Grazier – via SuperDraft
Scott Campbell – via SuperDraft
Chase Hilgenbrinck – free transfer from Ρublense (Chile)
Kevin Forrest – via Supplemental Draft
Cesar Zambrano – via Supplemental Draft
Mike Graczyk – via Supplemental Draft
Daniel Antunez – via Supplemental Draft
Christian Gomez – DC United (trade)
Tim Ward – Columbus Crew (trade)

Daniel Osorno – retired
Zach Thornton – waived
Jose Cancela – waived
Tony Sanneh – waived
Nicolas Hernandez – Columbus Crew (trade)

Columbus Crew:
Brain Carroll –San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
Andy Iro – via SuperDraft
George Josten- via SuperDraft
Ricardo Pierre-Louis – via SuperDraft
Steven Lenhart – via SuperDraft
Billy Chiles – via Supplemental Draft
Cory Elenio – via Supplemental Draft
Lukasz Tumicz – via Supplemental Draft
Zola Short – via Supplemental Draft
Nicolas Hernandez – Colorado Rapids (trade)

Ned Grabavoy – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Kei Kamara – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
Ben Hunter – waived
Andy Herron – Chicago Fire (trade)
Marcos Gonzalez – via transfer Universidad Catolica (Chile)
Brandon Moss – retired
Andrei Pacheco – waived
Tim Ward – Colorado Rapids (trade)
Ricardo Virtuoso – waived
Rusty Pierce – waived
Jacob Thomas – waived

DC United:
Zach Wells – Houston Dynamo (trade)
Andrew Jacobson – via SuperDraft
Ryan Cordeiro – via SuperDraft
Tony Schmitz – via SuperDraft
Josι Carvallo – via transfer Universitario de Deportes (Peru)
Franco Niell – via loan from Argentinos Juniors (Argentina)
Gonzalo Martinez – via transfer Millonarios (Columbia)
Brandon Owens – via Supplemental Draft
Dan Stratford – via Supplemental Draft
James Thorpe – via Supplemental Draft
Gonzalo Peralta – via transfer Club Almirante Brown (Argentina)
Marcelo Gallardo – via transfer Paris Saint-Germain (France)
Quavis Kirk – LA Galaxy (trade)

Brain Carroll – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Brad North – waived
Shawn Crowe – waived
Mira Mupier – waived
Bobby Boswell – Houston Dynamo (trade)
Troy Perkins – transfer to Valerenga IF (Norway)
Jay Nolly – free transfer to Vancouver (USL-1)
Nicholas Addlery- free transfer to Vancouver (USL-1)
Bryan Arguez – transfer to Hertha Berlin (Germany)
Andrew Jacobson – signed with Lorient (France) — never signed with DC
Christian Gomez – Colorado Rapids (trade)
Greg Vanney – LA Galaxy (trade)
Kiki Wells – waived

FC Dallas:
Duilio Davino – free transfer (previously w/ Club America (Mexico))
Brek Shea – via SuperDraft
Josh Lambo – via SuperDraft
Eric Avila – via SuperDraft
Ryan Miller – via SuperDraft
Jamil Roberts – via SuperDraft
Ben Nason – via SuperDraft
Yannick Reyering – via Supplemental Draft
Ben Shuleva – via Supplemental Draft
Andre Rocha – loan Clube Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)
Doudou Toure – discovery claim (from Atlanta Fire United youth club)

Clarence Goodson – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Shaka Hislop – retired
Sebastian Botero – waived
Denilson – option not picked up
Carlos Ruiz – LA Galaxy (trade)
Sandy Gbandi – waived (club stated he would not be coming back for a try out)
Chris Gbandi – transfer FK Haugesund (Norway)

Houston Dynamo:

Bobby Boswell – DC United (trade)
Geoff Cameron – via SuperDraft
Jeremy Barlow – via SuperDraft
Johnny Alcaraz – via Supplemental Draft
Craig Thompson – via Supplemental Draft
Kieran Hall – via Supplemental Draft
James Georgeff – via Supplemental Draft
Tony Caig – free transfer Gretna (Scotland)
Franco Caraccio – via transfer Arsenal de Sarandν (Argentina)

Ryan Cochrane – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Kenneth Hoerner – waived
Jordan James – waived
Zach Wells – DC United (trade)
Joseph Ngwenya – SK Austria (transfer)
Paul Dalglish – waived
Nate Jaqua – via transfer SCR Altach (Austria)
Eric Ebert – waived

Kansas City Wizards:
Chance Myers – via SuperDraft
Roger Espinoza – via SuperDraft
Yomby William – via SuperDraft
Jonathan Leathers – via SuperDraft
Matt Marquess – via SuperDraft
Rauwshan McKenzie – via SuperDraft
Andrew Kartunen – via Supplemental Draft
Ivαn Trujillo – via transfer Deportivo Cali (Columbia)

Edson Edcock – waived
A.J. Godbolt – waived
Chris Konokpa – waived
Willy Guadaramma – waived
Nick Garcia – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
Jose Burciaga Jr. – Colorado Rapids (trade)
Eddie Johnson – Fulham (England, transfer)
Will John – Randers FC

LA Galaxy:
Clint Mathis – New York Red Bulls (trade)
Carlos Ruiz – FC Dallas (trade)
Sean Franklin – via SuperDraft
Ely Allen – via SuperDraft
Julian Valentin – via SuperDraft
Matt Allen – via SuperDraft
Brendon McDonald – via SuperDraft
Matt Hatzke – via SuperDraft
Michael Gavin – via Supplemental Draft
Charles Alamo – via Supplemental Draft
Greg Folk – via Supplemental Draft
Daniel De Geer – via Supplemental Draft
Celestine Babayaro – free transfer from Newcastle (England)
Greg Vanney – DC United (trade)

Cobi Jones – retired
Gavin Glinton – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Mike Caso – waived
Lance Friesz – waived
Carlos Pavon – waived
Kyle Veris – waived
Joe Cannon – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
Clint Mathis – Ergotelis (Greece on transfer)
Chris Albright – New England Revolution (trade)
Ty Harden – retired
Quavis Kirk – DC United (trade)
Matt Allen – signed with an unknown European club, presumably Alesuand (Norway) – never signed with club
Kevin Harmse – Toronto FC (trade)

New England Revolution:
Chris Albright – LA Galaxy (trade)
Rob Valentino – via SuperDraft
Michael Videira – via SuperDraft
Joe Germanese – via SuperDraft
Matthew Britner – via SuperDraft
Spencer Wadsworth – via SuperDraft
Mkokheli Dube – via Supplemental Draft
Chris Tierney – via Supplemental Draft
Kyle Altman – via Supplemental Draft
Saidi Isaac – via Supplemental Draft
Mauricio Castro – via transfer Olimpia (Honduras)
Argenis Fernαndez – via transfer Santos de Guαpiles (Costa Rica)

James Riley – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Marshall Leonard – waived
Miguel Gonzalez – waived
Chris Loftus – waived
Brian Bryne – waived
Andy Dorman – St. Mirren (Scotland on free transfer)
Willie Simms – waived
Pat Noonan – Aalesund SK (Norway on free transfer)
Avery John – not resigned, currently a free agent

New York Red Bulls:
Zach Thornton – Colorado Rapids (signed after being waived)
Eric Brunner – via SuperDraft
Luke Sassano – via SuperDraft
David Roth – via SuperDraft
Danleigh Borman – via Supplemental Draft
Michael Palacio – via Supplemental Draft
John Gilkerson – via Supplemental Draft
Manuel Laurent – via Supplemental Draft
Oscar Echeverry – via free transfer Atletico Nacional (Columbia)

Ronald Waterreus – retired
Markus Schopp – retired
Clint Mathis – LA Galaxy (trade)
Joe Vide – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Blake Camp – waived
Santino Quaranta – waived
Sal Caccavale – waived
Randi Patterson – waived
Chris Karcz – waived
Elie Ikangu – waived
Francis Doe – waived
Demo Kovalenko – Real Salt Lake (trade)

Real Salt Lake
Anthony Beltran – via SuperDraft
David Horst – via SuperDraft
Alex Nimo – via SuperDraft
Brennan Tennelle – via SuperDraft
Ian Joy – via transfer St Pauli (Germany)
Tino Nunez – via Supplemental Draft
Kevin Reiman – via Supplemental Draft
Kenechukwe (Kenny) Anaba – via Supplemental Draft
Nat Borchers – via transfer Odd Grenland (Norway)
Jαmison Olave – loan from Deportivo Cali (Columbia)
Matias Jesus Cordoba – loan from Argentinos Juniors (Argentina)
Demo Kovalenko – New York Red Bulls (trade)
Kenny Deuchar – via transfer Gretna F.C. (Scotland)

Eddie Pope – retired
Chris Brown – waived (later signed by Portland Timbers)
Steven Curfman – waived
Christian Jimenez – wavied
Jean-Martial Kipre – waived
Jack Stewart – waived
Atiba Harris – Chivas USA (trade)
Alecko Eskandarian – Chivas USA (trade)
Jamie Watson – waived
Ritchie Kotschau – waived

San Jose Earthquakes:
Preston Burpo – Chivas USA (trade)
Kei Kamara – Columbus Crew (trade)
Joe Vide – New York Red Bulls via expansion draft
James Riley – New England Revolution via expansion draft
Gavin Glinton – LA Galaxy via expansion draft
Clarence Goodson – FC Dallas via expansion draft
Ivan Gurerro – Chicago Fire via expansion draft
Brian Carroll – DC United via expansion draft
Ned Grabavoy – Columbus Crew via expansion draft
Ryan Cochrane – Houston Dynamo via expansion draft
Jason Hernandez – Chivas USA via expansion draft
Chris Pozniak – Toronto FC via expansion draft
Joe Cannon – LA Galaxy (trade)
Nick Garcia – Kansas City Wizards (trade)
Shea Salinas – via SuperDraft
Adam Smarte – via Supplemental Draft
Tim Bohnenkamp – via Supplemental Draft
Greg Curry – via Supplemental Draft
Tim Jepsen – via Supplemental Draft
Ramiro Corrales – via transfer Brann (Norway)
Ronnie O’Brien – Toronto FC (trade)

Brain Carroll – Columbus Crew (trade)
Clarence Goodson – IK Start (Norway – free transfer)

Toronto FC:
Julius James – via SuperDraft
Pat Phelan – via SuperDraft
Mike Zaher – via SuperDraft
Brian Edwards – via SuperDraft
Joseph Lapira – via SuperDraft
Xavier Balc – via Supplemental Draft
Kevin Harmse – LA Galaxy (trade)

Chris Pozniak – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Adam Braz – waived
Maycoll Canizalez – waived
Srdjan Djekanovic – waived
David Guzman – waived
Stephen Lumley – waived
Cristian Nunez – waived
Marco Reda – waived
Kenny Stamatopoulos – Loan term ended, returned to Tromsψ IL (Norway)
Ronnie O’Brien – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)