Mina Not Resigned With Dallas…Yet

Mina Not Resigned With Dallas…Yet

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 1, 2008

Talk about some confusion here. One day reports say Roberto Mina has resigned with FC Dallas the next the coach comes out and says he has not signed yet.

From coach Steve Morrow:

“We’re currently negotiating with him and his representatives on an agreement, a new contract.  We’re going through that and want to take Roberto with us to Brazil. We felt, and his agent felt, that we need to have an agreement in place before that.  He hasn’t signed a contract yet. We couldn’t sign Roberto ’til he has a P1 visa anyway.”

But no resigning just yet. Which makes sense really before the club travels to Brazil this weekend for training camp and right before the rosters have to be compliant (which Buzz at 3rdDegree says they are).

The odd man out will more than likely be Dominic Odoro if Mina does indeed return to the club for a season after spending the majority of the last two on the injured reserve. Yes, Odoro, I know the other day I totally forgot him when I was trying to zero in on someone who could be getting the boot to make room for Mina. Makes sense really since I do always forget about him as he isn’t exactly the most rememberable player on the Dallas roster right now. The Hoops will probably look to lose speed and gain better ball skills, which as a fan I can handle.

Then agian the odd man out could be Marcelo Saragosa, Pablo Ricchetti, or Ricardinho. Its a four way tie as far as I’m concerned in Mina does return (which I get the impression he is going to from what Steve Morrow said yesterday).

All of this confusion has been interesting to say the least here in Dallas. Still bringing back a player who hasn’t played much over the last two years is questionable in my opinion but Morrow values Mina a little more than he may value Odoro or someone else. My bet is now that Odoro gets traded or maybe even cut all together to make room for Mina. Plus there is still the chances of some other signings and possible loans from CAP as well as they head to Brazil.

I know this has been a mess of a deal going back and forth but once it all comes out I will have all the dirt for you all.