Harmse Traded To Toronto?

Harmse Traded To Toronto?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 29, 2008

A lot of speculation over the last week or so about a number of LA Galaxy players who would be on the chopping block for a trade or a release.

According to what a couple of sources tell me this afternoon, LA has traded Kevin Harmse to Toronto FC. Not that I don’t trust who’s telling me this but I will wait for more confirmation before I stamp this as a done deal.

I am hearing he was traded for a forth round pick in this deal.

Many expected Harmse to get traded or waived due to poor performance in training and the fact that he wasn’t apart of the roster that was sent over seas to Asia and to the Pan-Pacific Championship.

It makes sense for Harmse to go to Toronto since he is Canadian and plays for the Canadian National side. He won’t count against any international player spots on the roster and he will be a decent enough backup for Maurice Edu this season. I think that’s what makes this a smart move for Toronto due to the amount of US National team games that Edu should have this year.

LA is also said to be either trading Kelly Gray and/or Kyle Martino. If a trade doesn’t happen for either one of those guys most believe they will be waived by the club this weekend or early next week. I wouldn’t be too shocked to see Martino end up in San Jose if that is the case.

More on this to come once I get more information on it…

Update: Okay…its a done deal…and this proves it.