O’Brien Traded To San Jose

O’Brien Traded To San Jose

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 28, 2008

Well over night a rumor became true. Toronto FC traded midfielder Ronnie O’Brien to San Jose for a major allocation and San Jose’s No. 1 draft pick in next year’s SuperDraft.

This is is a pretty big trade for both sides as it gives the Earthquakes their first actual offensive player and strong midfield play on the flank. Toronto clears some serious salary cap room as well as acquires an allocation valued at approximately $300,000 (that according to Ives), an allocation the Reds will use to either sign a foreign player or complete another significant trade with.

Interesting that San Jose parted with another first round draft pick again. Yallop is pulling a page out of Toronto’s book in that case because the Reds did something similiar last year with FC Dallas and traded away their first round draft pick, which ended up being the number two pick, and this should probably be the same case for San Jose as many expect this expansion side to stuggle in the coming year.

Ives thinks that Toronto is landing this pick in order to hopefully land Toronto native and Hermann trophy winner O’Brian White, many think he will go in the top three in next year’s draft.

Again, I kind of feel that San Jose overpaid here. They did with Nick Garcia by trading away the number one pick for what will be their captian this season. I understand getting strong defense and building from the back to the top but solid draft picks are tough to come by and San Jose should know that since they traded all but one of their’s away this year.

Not that O’Brien wasn’t worth the allocation that they sent because when he is healthy we know just how good he can be. Thing is we haven’t seen him be that good since 2005 or 2006. Last year was terrible for him since Field Turf kind of kept bothering his messed up knee. If he returns to form then San Jose will have some options in scoring and O’Brien will make what strikers they have better with quality service into the box.

Toronto trades away their best offense as well though. Many think that the reason Toronto played well when they did was due to O’Brien and that is probably 100% true. But getting this kind of allocation in return will more than likely mean they are looking to deal big within the league or sign a couple of players right now in the coming weeks.

I think if O’Brien had been a bit healthier, some will take this trade a lot more serious than it is. I think it’s a big deal for both sides, but what about you? Toronto trade away too much with O’Brien? San Jose give up too much for O’Brien? Or solid deal all around?