Deadline: Teams To Get Cap Compliant

Deadline: Teams To Get Cap Compliant

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 28, 2008

While we have seen a heist of a trade go down this morning between San Jose and Toronto, other clubs are either watching the MLS in Philly announcement or are trying desperately to finalize deals to get salary cap compliant by Monday’s deadline.

Monday is the MLS deadline for teams to be compliant with the salary cap, as well as with their 18-player and 28-player rosters. This means clubs like Kansas City have to finalize deals with players like Claudio Lopez as soon as possible to make sure things are all good on the money side of things for this season. Now clubs can ask for an extension to the deadline, and in most cases if they are working on a deal for a designated player will ask for one regardless of getting something worked out just to be safe or not.

Kansas City should be fine though as far as being able to sign Lopez and Greg Lalas over at and the host of (in my opinion the biggest waste of time) ExtraTime on says that Lopez is “going to be signed by Kansas City.”

The Wizards should have no problems figuring out where Lopez will fit on the salary cap as they have had a DP-style of contract on the books before with Eddie Johnson. Now they have the transfer money to help out with that as well as two contracts that they unloaded before the SuperDraft with Nick Garcia ($131,250) and Jose Burciaga Jr. ($100k). Finding room for a DP on the books shouldn’t be hard since they haven’t really signed anyone else this off-season of high value.

So a deal should happen for KC, but what about Dallas?

It looks like ‘Big Bob’ Roberto Mina should be leaving Dallas after no getting a contract worked out to re-join the club again. Mina was in Dallas on loan and made around $80k. Will Dallas trade his rights away? More than likely they will but whether or not Mina will play again in the MLS is the question since he was on loan with Dallas for the last couple years.

Steve Goff says that a couple clubs are interested in Mina and thinks Colorado could be one of them. More than like San Jose could be the other since they still need attacking options.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be at all upset to see Mina go. I still believe Dallas has some work to do to get all of their international spots situated.

Dallas already got a heavy contract off the books this off-season with trading Carlos Ruiz and throw in the Mina contract and Dallas should be able to sign Chilean striker Reinaldo Navia. Both sides are talking and Dallas should get a deal very soon with the way things look.

Lastly, as we all should know by now after yesterday’s trade, Colorado is looking to sign a Brazilian striker of their own. Brazilian striker Reinaldo from Australian League club Queensland Roar should be joining the club on a transfer in May (once his contract in Australia ends). Colorado’s move to land Generation adidas player Tim Ward (who’s contract doesn’t count against the cap) should have freed up enough space that will allow Colorado to do this move without any problem with the salary cap.

Some more moves could be on the way from what I am hearing as the deadline nears.