Dynamo For Sale, Stadium Situation Progressing

Dynamo For Sale, Stadium Situation Progressing

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 26, 2008

We’ve all known that since the old Earthquakes became Houston 1836 and then-and-now the Dynamo that their parent company (and MLS savior to some) AEG would eventually sell off the club to another group. The league wants it to happen as soon as possible, AEG wants to do it as soon as possible but it appears that they are going to only do half of it for now.

The link above is reporting that Brener International Group LLC (a real estate & investment company) and Golden Boy Promotions Inc. (champion boxer Oscar de la Hoya’s company), have bought the 50% of the Dynamo. Though Bernado Fallas is reporting that the sale is still pending. Either way the ball is rolling and that is a good thing.

No mention of how much de la Hoya’s group is paying for the Orange but my bet it is somewhere in the $20 to $25 million range. The club is currently valued at $40-50 million.

Its good news really even though the club wasn’t fully sold off to de la Hoya’s group. AEG will continue to push for a stadium in Houston, which is progressing nicely from what I am hearing down here.

Also this is a good deal because it shows the worth of MLS clubs right now that a guy like de la Hoya would want to invest in them. No word at this point which side will pony up the cash for a designated player down the road but my bet will still be on AEG if they get a stadium in Houston.

What do you all make of AEG only selling half of the club and not the full thing? Good or bad?